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Buisness Sugestion - Coffee House

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We've all seen the bank being a gathering of the masses where everyone just sits and hangs out. What should be built or brought up is a nice large coffee shop where people can hangout inside and outside. This place can sell drinks and snacks while also offering a nice place for people to go on dates, meetings, and for people to just casually hangout with each other. 

Personally I feel like this would be a nice alternative to the bank where parking is always cluttered and is faced on a huge busy roadway - having a large shop with actual parking could offer organization and offer a safe place for people to gather. 


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I think that instead of making a server created coffee shop(which can be made as a hang out by any individual with a property), they should instead improve the current bar locations like Tequila, Bahama and Yellow jack. Currently these locations are very similar in content, tequila and bahama are identical, yellow is open entry with only a poker table.

Would be a good choice to include stuff like food and drinks there, but overall, we already have locations for people to hang out, which just shows that more does not mean that people will use them. At the end most people will still treat the bank as the biggest hot spot.

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