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3G furniture movement is off

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Date and time (provide timezone): 19/Feb/2020 14:53 (UTC +1)

Character name: Thomas Pennyworth

Issue/bug you are reporting: When placing furniture in a 3G and moving it around, it can only move diagonally. So instead of just placing the item and then moving it back towards a wall and have it move left or right, I have to shimmy it in several directions to get it in place. When placing furniture in a 1G and 2G, it works normally where it will just go backwards and forwards.

Expected behavior:  Moving furniture in a 3G should work the same way as in other buildings.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:

What it looks like in a 3G


What it should look like


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This is not technically a bug, furniture uses world orientation, while interiors/mlo's can be oriented otherwise, so in world orientation, going forward might mean going towards north, but in interior going forward might mean going towards west.

So the movement of the objects when you move them feels off, but that's because the interior orientation is not aligned with world orientation

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