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/mes and /dos Fade down on Distance

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When there's more than one situation on going is very hard to keep up with the RP of the person that is at the side of you.

So my suggestion is simple. AS the normal chat while talking IC the white text fades out depending on the distance would be good to do the same with the /dos and /mes.
So if the harder the color would be the RP near us.

And as a side suggestion we can implement /highlight [IDPlayer]
Where it would assign a Random color to the /mes /dos of that person so you can know who is RP with you and it would only appear in your chat with that color.
So if you highlight 2 or more, they would have different colors so you know with who to RP with.

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+1 Good suggestion, sometimes when there's a whole gang with another gang with alot of members involved... too many /mes and /dos together which creates confusion.

Increases the UI user-friendliness overall, if this gets implemented.

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+1 they really should fade out on a semi-local distance. /me is personal actions and should have a lower distance than any /do due to the nature of each command. 

Along with /me and /do the range on /ame should also be adjusted, meaning if you can see it, it is not metagaming. 

Along with this the greyed chat for out of distance chat shouldn't exist either. 

Final note - text chat range and voice range levels should be synced up to the same distance when a player is whispering, talking or shouting. 

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