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Super CONFUSED new girl. :P

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Hia there! Name's Pixel.

So essentially, I've been roleplaying for many, many years. More than 10. I started on forum RP, moved to IMVU (don't judge me), then second life, then Elder Scrolls Online (which I still do) and now...here. I'm super..super confused as to how exactly this RP works, however. If anyone can explain, I'd be grateful. <3


Anyway, yeah. I'm 25. I ran a criminal RP empire on IMVU for three years, with around 100 members. I also was one of two founding members of Spirits Of Lore on ESO; a RP hub which has branched off into an even bigger RP guild with hundreds of members. I currently run the Red Rooks faction. In the RR faction, we do evil, criminal type things so that's what I'll be wanting to do on GTA RP. I'm just confused as to how to get started and whatnot.

Any pointers, loves? :)





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Most players treat our server as "Heavy RP", and many of the in-game functions reflect this kind of RP standard (eg. we follow traffic laws, have stricter server rules, use the /me and /do commands as RP aids, provide a diversity of jobs to choose from, etc.). So, you'd be advised to apply this same level of RP as well, though it is not strictly required. You can press f5 in-game to access the basic commands, and you can also find some of the basic info on the server here: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/12-announcements-information/

We've recently added a criminal factions system, which allows you to form your own gang, start turf wars, sell guns/drugs for money and rob convenience stores with a friend. More and more features are being added all the time, but considering that you have tons of experience doing criminal stuff in other servers you'd probably have a good amount of fun starting your own gang on our server ;)

If you're just entering the server, the best way to get your first paycheck is to do a variety of legal jobs around the city (Trucking, courier, money transport, mining, fishing, etc). The courier job, for example, can be accessed in the north of the city (near the large bank). You can withdraw your job salary from the large bank near the courier depot, so I recommend that you work at the courier first; When you drop off your van after your shift has finished the bank is only a short run away, so it's faster and easier to cash out. Use your initial funds to save up for your first decent car, so you can easily get to where you need to go. After that, the rest is really up to you! You can form a gang, apply for a government job, become a vigilante terror on the streets, whatever.


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You can play RP with the police and few criminal factions, other then that, people here are ruining the game. Like the weazel news reporter caused a car crash then i ask what happend, so she started shooting at me, so i run next o police station because it was really close, i was standing there, she camed and shots at me again where there was like 6 police officers inside the building. She didnt say shit, so i just run away and suddenly police chased ME after that xD i told what happend to police, i told that same to the admins and they said "Do u have video of that?" i said no, so they ignored me, then the WITNESS came on the scene, tells the whole story to the admins and says that he have video and suddenly admins tells "but that doesnt make any difference, that was RP action, police should take care of it"


Make your own opinion about that, stick with your circle and play only with people who want to play RP, thats my advice.

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Essentially the way this type of roleplay works is you act out the life of your character in detail. All the actions you perform are either dictated through text automatically sent to the chatbox from the server script, or from commands you type in game. As others have mentioned, /me and /do commands.

An example of /me would be: /me runs toward the parked car. After hitting ENTER, with my character name being Jason Reed, it would show in chat as *Jason Reed runs toward the parked car.*

An example of /do would be: /do Inside the car, there are various empty bottles and drug paraphernalia. That would appear in chat simply as *Inside the car, there are various empty bottles and drug paraphernalia. (Jason Reed)*  It would have the username after it who created it to indicate who is describing the situation.

That is just a small example of how expressive this type of roleplay is. Hop in the server sometime and people will gladly show you around and you can see for yourself how it's done!

Welcome to the community.

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