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Build-able Gate Bug

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Date and time (provide timezone): Sept/29/2019 CTS

Character name: Moxxi Fitz

Issue/bug you are reporting: 
Build-able Gate Bug

Expected behavior:
I would like for the gates to work how the should if possibel just wanted it to be known.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 
The gates that a sold at the furniture store, at least in my experience are bugged.
I have had someone walk right through them while they are both locked.
I have also had my bike stole from behind my locked gate twice now. They were locked when I left and then why I come back with the bike from mors they are still locked. 
I posted about it in the support chat on the discord as well.
It really kinda an annoying bug.

Vehicle license plate number*: 

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I guess it was due to the roof I had on top of the room I built. When the server would reset if would spawn them on top of the roof so. Thank you so much for replying.

I do have another issue with a house I have (currently owned by someone else so they can own more cars) that will not let me personally build when I owned it. I have talked to @Timmaayy about it and he has seen it first hand.

I don't have any proof of this happening but I can show you if need be.

Thanks again!

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