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Gun Stores add new things to buy / only buy ammo option

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I would like the gun stores to have more general stuff in them to improve the usage of the gun stores as well as create a more fun and better RP experience for everybody. As of now I believe that the amount of usage a gun store have is kind of low considering how strict the gun license is. That's why I think that adding more usage to the gun stores could be a good idea for everybody.

  • Melee weapons that could add a new and good RP experience if added:
    • Crowbar
    • Flashlight 
    • Hatchet 
    • Knuckle Dusters
    • Machete
    • Pipe wrench 
    • Pool cue
    • Stone Hatchet
    • Switchblade

All of the melee ''weapons'' that I stated above all would make for some interesting new RP. Like the pipe wrench, would be perfect for a lot of the mechanical RP or the pool cue, could be a great thing to have at parts to RPily play billiard or the Knuckle Duster, could bring some interesting new RP as well. 

  • Other things that could also make for some great new RP:
    • Parachute 
    • Bulletproof vest 
    • Stun Gun

All of this could also make for some great new RP.


I also think that you should have the option to only buy bullets and not have to buy a hole new weapon just to buy new bullets. Should also have the option to choose how many bullets you would like to have with the new gun that your buying.

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-1 overall to this suggestion. As stated by the above poster, the value of semi rare items would diminish. Not only that but things like a pool cue, crowbar, pipe wrench, etc. can all be RP'd already (I carry a crowbar in my ambulance in the event that I'm alone with a patient and they are trapped in a vehicle) and don't need to be physically present in the server as an item that people can equip and just attack/one-shot each other with or hold in their hands as they type their RP.

Aside from that, obvious +1 to being able to purchase ammo separately but all first gun purchases should come full.

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As a gun store owner I believe melee weapons that are available from general stores should be moved to gun stores. +1/-1 I agree with the flashlight, crowbar, parachute but the rest of the stuff no. 

Most are admin imports and stun guns would be abused to the highest degree knowing this community. 

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