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Rise of the Oni-Clan{Open to Applications}

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=- Who we are -=

Everyone has lost something in life. Loved ones, possessions, health, even a part of our souls from time to time.

We are a group of individuals who have all lost something dear to us. What that loss is matters not. We simply aim to fill the void with purpose. We wish to extend that opportunity to Los Santos. With us you can replenish your funds lost, gain material worth in the world, or simply find happiness in the comfort of a family. 

The Clan is put first above yourself however. Everything we do in life, is for the Clan. We help each other, work with each other, live amongst one another, and keep everyone else moving forward together.

In a city that would pull us apart at the first chance it got, we must stay together and stay strong.

So band together Brothers and Sisters, and join us as we grow into a family no struggle can tear apart.

Today is the day. Today, you fulfill your Destiny!



=- The History -=

Many moons ago, there were three friends. These men had come together with the passion to rebuild their lives after loss had shifted their lives for the worse. So these men built a group in the small town of Yankton, known as the Oni Clan. They followed the methods of the Yakuza in Japan, growing their wealth and power through various illegal activities. And for a time all was well in the world. The Rida and his friends grew and grew, filling the void that the world had thrust upon them. It seemed that they were on a path to becoming one of the strongest gangs in Yankton, and their reputation had grown to precede them at every turn.

But a dark cloud soon fell on the Rida. His brothers, who he had built a new life with and grown with, turned on him, with no reasoning or explanations, and left him stranded with nothing. And so the broken man vowed revenge. He crawled to Los Santos, making an oath to himself to rebuild his Clan and seek vengeance on those who had turned on him.

Upon arriving in the city, the man set out to find other broken souls who had flocked to the city in search of purpose. Before long he stumbled upon a man, Shinigami, we call him. The Rida and his new brother bonded over their wounds, and the first step to rebirth was taken. Shinigami brought in his own brother, Akira, to help bolster their small brotherhood. Not long after, a man who went by Bento joined them as well, and they finally had the makings of a strong crew to work from. The men felt a sense of belonging, a new purpose, where before they had wandered blindly.

And so the Oni Clan was reborn from the muck, slowly growing back into it's previous form. 


This was a new form, a better form. This iteration of the Clan would not suffer the same heartbreak as before. They will rise again, and reach the old heights of the glory days.

The Oni-Clan has returned.



=- The Goals -=

  • The Clan seeks to become a well known and highly respected organization within the city and even beyond it's borders.
  • The Clan seeks to earn enough money to start up a business of some sort, for further solidified monetary income.
  • The Clan seeks to swell it's ranks to be seen as a force within the city. Not necessarily of violence, but simply as another major group within the politics of the city.
  • The Clan seeks to be loved by the common folk, and feared by those in our way.


It will be a long road to reach these goals. But with perseverance and determination we will reach them.

It is only a matter of time.



=- Our Principles -=

  • The Clan does not attack unprovoked, or for any personal vendetta. Petty squabbles only serve to set us back from our goals.
  • The Clan protects our fellow men and women in hard labor. Attacking those simply seeking to grind out their own living in this world is dispicable, and will be treated as such, with deadly force if need be.
  • The Clan strikes hard, and strikes fast. Big voices and big guns are rarely necessary with the right focus. A single strike to the throat is better than many to the chest.
  • The Clan does not seek to make enemies, and does not wish to have them. We have no interest in those who are not directly in our way, unless we are furthering ourselves with some form of partnership.
  • The Clan puts the Clan first, and individuals second. This is true of even the Rida themself. We share our lives, and work towards the same goal together. Our individual needs pale in comparison.
  • If the Clan feels any need to engage in side jobs for extra monetary gain, they are then treated as normal Citizens. Removing your Face sets you aside for the time being, until you see fit to return to duties.



=- The Rankings -=

The following is how each member is seen within the clan for the time being.

With enough work and dedication to the goals of the Clan, and a show of selflessness for the purpose of pursuing those goals, individuals will see improvement and promotion within our ranks.


-The Rida-

The Rida is the head of the Clan. Their way is absolute and final, and all decisions made are made final by the Rida.

They do not however hold themself above the selflessness of the other members, still working entirely to further the group as a whole, rather than themselves.

They are a guiding light to broken men and women all throughout the land, a beacon to a better life.

-The Samurai-

This individual is the Right Hand to the Rida, and acting leader in the Rida's absence. They are in direct contact with the Rida at all times, and carry on his word as though it were coming straight from the Rida's own lips.

The Samurai is also an acting leader of the lower ranks, working firsthand to lead them in their activities and goals.

They seek to help the Clan rise to prominence and fill the void that we all now feel.

-The Yakuin-

This is an individual who carries a fierce determination, and an even fiercer heart, working hard to someday step up to be a Samurai themselves. These individuals are responsible for overseeing the Ronin and Senshi training to rise up to Yakuin themselves someday.

They act as shepherds, guiding those still lost to finding purpose and worth in the broken world we grind out our existence in.

-The Ronin-

These men and women show promise within our ranks, hoping to bolster the Clan's presence and find their own worth among us. They train hard to someday lead newer lost souls to find the same purpose they themselves are searching for now.

These are the meat of the Clan, working hard to fulfill any duties asked to help further the Clan.

-The Senshi-

These individuals are broken and unpolished, still fresh in their loss of worth. We take them in and show them that there is a chance to rebuild and find much more than they could have ever dreamed possible.

That said, they are given the opportunity to leave if they are not a good fit for our methods and ways. Some stay, some find their worth on their own. Either way, we take them in and set them on that road to recovery.



=- The Visual Code -=

We do not seek to restrain your own sense of representation, but we do have a few requirements to keep in line with when representing the Clan.


  • While we have no official Dress Code or Uniform as of yet, we require that every Ronin keep a mask, fashioned after the Oni of ancient Japan. We also ask that you keep to some uniform color scheme for yourself. Matching helps us to distinguish you from your brothers and sisters, and to help you show some sense of self-worth, rather than a tattered visage of a mortal.
  • We have no requirements on your personal vehicle, though we ask that it keep to your own color scheme you've chosen, again to help distinguish yourself amongst our ranks. We do also ask that the vehicles you present for use with the clan be Practical. A small car that can hold neither Clan nor Cargo serves no use to us, and will be seen as wasted potential.

[Work in Progress in regards to possible growth of uniform scheme]





The Oni wander the streets among you all, making connections and friends amongst the crowds of Los Santos.

These men and women seek to watch and weigh the world around them, finding likeminded broken souls to bring into their fold. If you find yourself feeling empty and worthless, watch the corners and alleys for their eyes. They might just be your way out of that void. 

Keep in mind however, we do not seek petty thugs and two bit gangbangers. Squabbles and feuds serve no purpose and are a waste of our valuable time and even more valuable resources. If you do not show promise, you will be told as such. But that does not mean you are barred acceptance.

Should you fail to pass muster, take a step back and value what is most important, and when you believe you have found the correct path, try, try again.



=- Final Words -=

If you find us among you in the streets of the city, be not afraid, unless you are there to halt our progress.

We don't aim to cause wanton slaughter of the masses or disruption of the day to day cycle of things.

We simply aim to regain what we have lost.

Stay safe, and may you all find worth in the waking world.

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11 minutes ago, CallumMontie said:

Good to see another Asian style gang come around. 

Hopefully this one beats the task of time. 


We hope to make an impression on the city at the very least. There are far too many petty thugs ruining people's lives. We aim to give them a home and a way to grow. 

I simply hope we can hold the same influence the Triads do. You're an example to follow, no doubt.

Nothing but respect for you all.

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9 minutes ago, Sandiego said:

Yes please,would love to see 2 Asian style gangs on the server and business between them,best of luck hopefully you stay around.

All willing we will. It would take nothing short of an apocalypse to stop us from operating. 

We're already broken men and women, only way to go now is up.

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