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Roleplayers Needed!

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Hi there, me and my friend are looking to get our vigilante faction thats been in our head for a while started. Our theme will be knights and expect my RP to be a very disciplined and military-like man. We are looking to fill our leadership positions and need to get someone willing to roleplay at a high standard and is interested in joining. When you join we're looking to make your character have the same origins as the other leaders.

If you're interested respond to this thread with your Discord and I'll contact you. Please serious replies only, if you'd like to know more then feel free to ask in the thread.

Update! We now have a google forms to apply to! Please fill this out instead if you're interested feel free to fill it out. https://forms.gle/EnBAaG5ZDEowtszg7

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Just now, Yputi said:

You can't recruit OOC, only IC though

We're not recruiting people (in a sense). We're looking for people in OOC who can dedicate time to our group and make their characters have the same backstory as ours so we already know eachother ICly and fit our groups origin story.

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