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Who do I talk to about making a location a buyable address?

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Firstly, you should review this post:

Secondly, if you are serious about this faction of yours then a good place to start is by making a thread on the factions subforum.

Thirdly, even though it is not supported by script, you could always just RP having the location as your HQ until someone is able to sell it to you.


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Thank you, except 

Firstly I have read that post thoroughly. 

Secondly here is my faction post: 

My org post: 

and a classifieds ad: 

 And thirdly I am roleplaying out of the location, and am encouraging my members to do so as well, but for the sake of this post, I am wanting to figure out who in this labyrinth of a forum infrastructure I need to talk to to get an official ruling on the matter. 

If I need 2.5 million dollars then thats my goal. If I need to role play a year straight, thats my goal. But im looking for an official to give me information i can take to the bank so I know my next moves.  

I have been trying to find out IC and OOC for over a week and noone seems to know. 

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There is no such thing as requesting devs to add a buyable location for any of the factions. I've only heard stories of one specific place that might have been added for a faction, but those are stories. If the place is not put up for sale then you have to wait until it will happen. Recently a lot of new properties were added in terms of houses, warehouses and build-able properties, so there is not much of unused locations left which means that there is a high chance that with the upcoming property adds, yours might pop up for sale.

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