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Speaking quietly on the phone

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Hello, currently when you call and speak on the phone people can hear you from far away, this can be very annoying as if you are next by a store that someone robs, and you can't just call the cops and talk on the phone without the people inside of the store hears you speaking with the police. I think it would be a good solution if you could add a command where you can speak quietly in the phone outside of the store without the robbers can hear you. For example /phonelow or something like that so you won't need to run 50 meters away away from them without them hearing you.

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4 hours ago, SkuLLar said:

Cntrl+z until its whispering problem solved or /quiet to speak quitely on the phone.

Overall you wont call the cops on someone from behind the store.

And its non-rp dm if someone will see in the chat box that you called police and you are 50 meters away.

Only when they maybe see a text floating above your head.

Yes it is Non RP, but if someone robs a store, and they sees that someone has called the cops via the text. They will obviously just leave and add an excuse, so rather doing nothing to this problem and solve it.

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