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Poker time-out timer and time bank

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I have no idea how hard it is to write code so I'm just an ignorant guy trying to help out the players with suggestions, in this certain suggestion I'd like to mention the Poker Timeout and Poker Time bank, both very well known throughout the online poker scene.

How it should work:

1. The poker timeout would be around 30 seconds after those 30 seconds have passed and the player hasn't decided what to do, his hand automatically folds and he cannot play anymore.

2. Poker Time bank - if you're thinking about what to do next and the 30 seconds given don't feel like they will be enough, press the time bank button and add another 30 seconds so you can think your next move through. You wouldn't be able to choose the time bank option every hand, maybe every other hand or every 3 hands, so you would need to choose it wisely.


1. No more people afking or sleeping at the poker table (i know about /afkmath but it comes up like every 20 minutes and there are 2 warnings before you get kicked). 

2. Just a cool feature, definetely not neccesary but still would make poker more immersive to play.

Edit: I just thought about it, but don't really know how the poker bug works, when you alt+tab when you're in a poker game and the cards get dealt, but you alt+tab back in to your game and find out that you're bugged and the UI doesn't come up, I believe that if the 30 second poker timeout was a thing it would counter this bug, but I'm not sure.

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On 8/25/2019 at 10:19 AM, Jasmine said:

Yah this would be nice. Or anything to speed up the games because of AFKrs.
Would also be nice to add a check/fold/call checkboxes.....this would speed up play greatly.

Like that as well or even radio buttons.

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