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Private Radio Calls

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While this can apply to all radios, my post will mainly reflect the Police Department radio function.


Brief Introduction to the idea

A lot of police departments have text based communication and dispatching straight from their computers. While dispatch calls already come in through text, I believe it would be a good addition to introduce private VOIP and Text Based radio calls for officers to communicate with another officer. This will free up the main radio frequency for emergency and general Dispatch related communication.


Proposed method of implementation

I feel a simple command such as /pageradio ( /pr ) would suffice, functioning as /pr <USERNAME> or /pr <UserID> or perhaps even /pr <CALLSIGN> which of course would be government radio specific. Using such command would initiate a call to come through to the recipient much like a regular phone call. They can /pageaccept ( /pa ) or /pagedeny ( /pd ) which would return the corresponding message to the sender. If accepted, both parties can then use /r or "M" key to communicate over the radio as they normally would. Only difference now, of course, is that only those 2 individuals can hear each others conversation over radio. If implemented, I would highly suggest that normal incoming radio transmissions from others on the frequency should resume and not be blocked, as this will allow emergency radio calls to go unmissed during a private radio call.



I feel this is a fair implementation that would allow not only the police department to function a little more efficiently, but also applies to anyone with a radio running on a popular frequency. Currently, radio volume varies based on microphone quality and volume settings and I find it difficult to filter out the radio when VOIP chatting with people while "Officer 1 to Officer 2, how copy?" is constantly streaming over VOIP radio.

Thank you for your consideration. Please provide constructive feedback.

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18 hours ago, Xoza said:

It's a lot more commands and could be done simply via text or calling the person.

You could also ask them to switch to another 900 frequency.

That defeats the purpose though. The idea behind this is that it takes away the need of having to flood the main frequency with any and every bit of communication. If this /rvv command can't be put back, something else such as this needs to be put in.

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