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Tim Hindmarsh

Syndicate Cartel.

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Welcome to The Winters Cartel , We are a Small Cartel Wishing to Get Bigger !

Over time We wish to own a Minority of Los Santos Like other Cartels.

We Will Employ anyone and when you are Employed you will get a Share of Money from the Mission you have taken part in.

As a Cartel we Take Part in Activities like :

Car Jacking

Robbing / Mugging People

Bank Robbery

Pink Slip Racing

Betting and more !

Leaders Of the Faction are 3 people who will help :

Thomas Winters : Main Cartel Boss

Joe Farreill : Second Cartel Boss.

Pupper Winters : Third Cartel Boss


As A Faction we need people who Can make money for us , Be Respectful , Play by the Rules , Listen and Have Honour.


Application :

IC Name :


Current Occupation:

Do you have Drivers License:

Do you have a Weapon Permit (Optional) :

How can we Trust you? :

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