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Lets add TV's to houses and public places ! bigger the house the bigger the TV and more things it can do, Basically watch TV shows and play games that you can do with friends! (just like in GTA online) This would add fun and SOCIAL interaction and more RP and make houses WORTH the prices... This would also be helpful for the PRISON...since there is a TV in there, and dang, would it be funny to watch a brawl start over someone switching the channel! or they could get along and laugh at a cartoon! the choices are endless! 


Commands: how do you turn on tv? /TVon Turn tv off? TVoff
How do you switch channels? /TV Channel1 /TV channel2 and so on depends on how many channels eclipse puts on! 
Change volume? Same thing with music /TVvolume (0-100)
How to play games? /TV Game1 /TV Game2 an so on depends on how many games you put in!


If yall have anything to add please share! otherwise upvote this !

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I sure like the idea, but I am wondering if/how this can be made possible. 
I did find this: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Television_in_GTA_V
In here it states it indeed is possible to control TV's when seated and being able to watch TV while not having to sit infront of it. 
I would love to see this as I already loved the speakers. I think this would be a fun addition if possible.

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