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What gov. factions NEED people for server balance?

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Hey guys and girls,

i'm fairly new here but i was just wondering if there is any data on average player employment activity. by that i mean, of the people that logon, what is the percentage of EMT, PD, LSC etc

I'm looking to get more involved but it would be interesting to know what the ecosystem is like balance wise. No one wants 40% of the active server to be PD for example. catching crims would be too easy especially as there are major hotspots of crime.

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Can confirm that more PD is required, especially in the utc-7 to utc-3 timezones. The biggest problem i think is that PD required 50% of all your playtime to be on you PD character where as most factions have a flat amount of hours minimum (I know DOC and LSC want 5 hours a week) so it really discourages people from joining.

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46 minutes ago, DDevastatedTV said:

This is so true, Plus their is maximum time on pd aswell if you got an alt. Im sure its 70% play time is needed

There is no maximum time you can spend on PD. You will need to spend +50% on your PD character/on duty. (I know, 1 page actually states character and an other PD page states on duty), but just simply: most of your time. You also need to spend atleast 5 hours a week on duty. This is because many people would like to join PD and they don't want to have spots reserved if you going to spend most of your time on an other character anyway. 
I believe MD has the same; +50%. 

Its hard to tell what the activity of factions is for multiple reasons:
- Time zones
- People's life OOC (school, work, vacation)
- Its also sort of IC

What I mean with its also sort of IC is that this info of employment of the factions is something IC. Their activity (playtime) is something OOC for some part. I think your question is more aiming towards an IC question though...

Most factions only put apps open when actually needed. There is also a money system that sometimes doesn't even allow extra employees. No one is gonna hire 100 employees and pay all of them while they only need 10. Thats also one of the reasons factions got treasuries. Basically, you probably just have to experience it and find out In-character how balanced it is. Just check the mechanic shops here and there. If you want to know for OOC reasons how many employees every faction has, you can find it on your pannel:

Just remember this is OOC and this does not indicate how active people are. People can also be in 2 factions.

Also about crime hotspots: If there is a standard location where it is know criminal activities are active, PD is not allowed to camp there or just check it withouth having any calls/chases leading to it. We can not just check all the chopshops and drug labs, only if we have a call near it, someone leads us to it, etc.

Hope this helps!

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LSC opens apps for a limited amount of time. And we accept a max of 50 members. Although we are very strict on work hours and rule breaches. Salaries remain high.

50 members might not sound like a lot.  But its the amount we can support with government funding. 

LSPD and LSEMS and DCC have a higher government funding then mechanic factions cause of the demand for members and activity.


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thanks for all of your responses. valid points all round. i guess i was just concerned that for my TZ  (GMT) it seems quite PD heavy and i didn't want to compound the high presence and ruin the game for others banking on PD being on the other side of town not just lurking around the corner.

The point of alts came up and i guess i'm still quite new to LS so I'm still trying to establish myself. if that means i go full time in PD it sounds like that would be useful to the organization anyway.

Thanks for your comments. i appreciate the time you've taken to respond

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