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Karen's Moving Company

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Did you finally move out from your old and boring house? Great, do you have lots of furniture you can't fit in your small Panto? Not great, that's where you need to call Karen to help you.

I have very big car that can fit your biggest air guitars in there


It has plenty of trunk space


And that's not all! I will also transfers bodies for you, this car can fit one person in trunk and 3 passengers. If you have more than hostages and they all need a ride, you will have to watch after them while I drive



That is not paid actor in my trunk, I actually kidnapped someone for these pictures.

I will also help you transfer your drugs, illegal weapons, and that Mexican refugee you promised to get in America.



ONLY Furniture - $1/meter

Bodies - $1,5/meter

Dead Bodies - $2/meter

NOTE: If the body is injured or gets injured during the ride, the price will be $2 per meter.

Drugs - $3/meter

Guns - $4/meter

Mexican Refugees: $5/meter

Dead Mexican Refugee $6/meter

NOTE: If the Mexican Refugee is injured or gets injured during the ride, the price will be $6 per meter

If I get in police chase during the ride will the price be doubled, no matter if I escape or not.

If you didn't understand how pricing works, it's X dollars per 1 meter driven.

Eg. You want to transfer your drugs from another place that is is 1279 meters away, you only have to pay $3837. It does not matter if it's just one marijuana plant or if the car is full of meth, price is same.

You will have to give the money before I move anything.


Contact Information:

Karen #3629980

Or email ((Hilbert#7849))

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2 hours ago, Brawnkoh said:

Wait, these prices are per minute or meter? Also, are we being charged for the distance from body to car? Asking for a friend...

Per meter. Not minute. The walking distance will not be charged if the walked distance is less than 100 meter.

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