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Injured players

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Well, others players around the injured ones, that are laying down on the ground waiting for the medics to arrive, should be able to help them in any possible way because it simply makes no sense  that they have to watch them dying, doing nothing. It is a fact that medics / cops are not always available for calls so people usually just die like that.

Perhaps a med-kit or something like that which can be obtained from a 24/7 (which can be used as a life-extender or whatever it is named used by the medics) so medics can gain some more time to respond and / or allow people to drive injured people to the hospital after x time passed and medics haven't taken the call. It shouldn't be as simple as just /getintheveh or something like that but should be RPed properly / the injured person should be able to accept / reject the offer. I believe it is going to enhance the RP on the server and help people losing their stuff non-stop - every time they get injured for some crap reason.


This is just a plain idea and can be improved according to your ideas aswell, please go ahead and spew your opinions regarding the subjects so we can throw a great suggestion here.

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8 hours ago, alexalex303 said:

This is already possible. You can sign up for a BLS course with the LSEMS, and if you pass it, you will be able to extend the life of injured people via the use of /cpr.

^ says enough

4 hours ago, st3fan333 said:

Where and how do I sign up?

Government forums. Click kn the MD icon on the forums.

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