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Mods are always bugging

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Date and time (provide timezone): This is happening all the time, not just in a certain moment. But rn, it's 8.3.2019 18:45 GMT +1

Character name: Brian_Statham

Issue/bug you are reporting: The game shows different mods than the car has.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I will add pictures, and describe how the car mods always change and how they are never right. I tried relogging, but it didn't work. This is happening since I've bought the car.

1. The car has the right wheels, but it has grey color on the sides for some reason. - Picture 1.

2. The car has all the mods visible the right way when looking at it in /modview. - Picture 2.

3. The car has the right colors after leaving the /modview, but the wheels changed for some unknown reason. - Picture 3.


Picture 1. D0Ieji0.jpg

Picture 2. Kh0Si4n.jpg

Picture 3. SRuFQMr.jpg

Vehicle license plate number*: 91904SPJ

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4 minutes ago, MusketDeezNuts said:

This has been a issue for over 6 months or so. Im very certain its a rageMP issue and not the eclipse bug.

Maybe we could make a command or something like /fixcar that would reload car mods, and show the real mods and not the bugged ones. It would make the RP feeling a lot better.

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