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Eames Young

Engine Stall

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Dear community,

I honestly feel that a revision should be made on how engine stall occurs because at its current state, it's unrealistic in some cases. Here are the two scenarios that I've encountered in-game which compelled me to feel this way.

1st scenario: I was trying to flee in my humble Intruder from two mobs that were on their feet, my car took just one gunshot from the back and the engine stalled. (If the gunshot was near the engine, an engine failure would've made sense.)

2nd scenario: (This situation just shows that the area of impact is not a contributing factor to engine stall.) I was standing on-top of my Intruder and stomped on it once. Then I got into the vehicle and tried starting the engine but was prompted that engine was stalled due to damage. Didn’t know I was Saitama, /me chuckles. 

What do you all think? Do you think an amendment should be done or am I just being a little petty?


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