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Reorganize the Furniture Store

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When someone in the development or modding team has some time, it'd be cool to reorganize the furniture store into categories that are easier to navigate.

I can appreciate the ease of dumping a bunch of new furniture into the miscellaneous category, and it's probably easy to navigate for avid builders who have spent dozens of hours browsing through furniture in the store for their projects, it is an enormous mess for anyone who only builds on a rare occasion.

No one should go through hundreds of furniture items to find a specific flag when there could be a flag category with all flag poles and flag objects, or to go through so much different furniture when it could be easily split into categories such as indoors and outdoors decorations. I'm sure there is much more furniture with many more categories that they could be sorted into, and even if some of them may not make much sense compared to others, anything is better than just dumping more and more furniture into the "Misc" category.

Considering the general inconvenience of numerous back-and-forth trips, this would make going through hundreds of items a little more bearable. 

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12 hours ago, Bala said:

Is it!?

this guy knows haha




I'm going to be reviewing the furniture we have available and the price that some of the items cost, as well as potentially reorganising some of the furniture into new categories to bring down the amount in "misc".

If you build regularly or know someone that does, please forward this link to them so they can share their input.

Subject to our devs approval, these changes will likely be available sometime after Christmas x (edited)



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