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Different Types of Robberies

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I was in a topic about civilian robbery RP, about how it has been occurring quite frequently. If players had the opportunity to rob brinks truckers than they can make some real money instead of solely focusing on civilian robberies. During the mission the Brinks truckers can bring along a friend both armed obviously while making the trips, or ask PD for an escort. As for the robbers I wouldn't complain about this IF they are organized in it and of course have the numbers which I'm sure most of you guys are now. Ambush the convoy in any way they see fit, use trucks to block roads, have a guy in a car with a radio simply feeding them information on the route, and location of the truck (but you might make the cops suspicious on this. And pray that it's not SWAT escorting). If truckers have the choice of their cargo guns, and ammo in them and they're making a delivery for Mr. Osborn's store, or ones out in the county. Best of all the criminals won't know minus the brinks because they are armored if the trucker has some goodies inside are simple furniture. And what about cars?

Restrictions - Can't rob Fuel trucks because why? And what ever others that people see fit during this discussion. 



  1. Gather a crew of 4 minimum to 6 max (or change this).
  2. Find a meeting spot and plan the robbery over a course of a month (IRL again change this if needed).
  3. have side missions like GTA single player, you plan to rob a place imposing a garbage truck buy one! Get what you need in order to be successful in the robbery. 
  4. Submit your Role-Play to an Admin for review, and than plan your robbery date.
  5. Do it. 

Restrictions - I do not know how banks became NCZ but if this is implemented I would say they need to stay as NCZ unless the bank is being robbed with approval. So side note if this is approved don't stand outside the bank unless you plan to become a POTENTIAL (meaning it won't be happening ALOT) hostage. 

Home Break-ins 

Speaks for itself, but hear we need to give the homeowners a chance to upgrade their security system which will warn PD, and themselves. 

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1 minute ago, Xypint said:

+1, but the practicality is quite low. Crime in this server is usually disorganized.

I see a lot of lone sharks out their perhaps make it so you have to rob WITH someone else. One as the driver other as the person who aims an SMG at your head so you feel scared and actually stop and give up your stuff but have nothing so they just drive off and you forgot every single detail following it when speaking to the cops. Was that specific? 🙂

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