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I think that /help should be updated since it does not contain a lot of commands and I only found out that the server has these commands when I post a suggestion, and I found out it is already on the server just because someone tells me that in the topic. It's not that hard to add all the commands into the /help, so there is no real reason why not to do it. It would be really useful to have all the commands separated based on the topic in one place. (if you tell me that there is something like /help2 in the game then I will just laugh at this point already lol)

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14 minutes ago, ThePro said:

Okay. Here is a few examples of commands that are not in /help: /duoanim /amembers /getid /pay. These are just examples, there might be more I don't even know about.

So to make it clear; you want: 

 in game?


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