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Lower refund requests to 15k

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Hi, as a pleb criminal, I have noticed that losing even small amounts if they have value (guns, drugs, etc..) that $25,000 is just way too much. For players who don't have as much income as other criminals, a loss of even items worth $15,000 can be a significant setback. I understand that now we can say that you can earn that money by doing jobs. However, if you were affected by a rulebreak or bug, this is just frustrating. It makes me understand why sometimes it's not worth even considering a refund request and instead accept the loss and be frustrated about it.

Why should this be considered?

There are several compelling reasons to consider increasing the refund requests to 15k and above, especially in light of recent market trends of houses/guns and the introduction of the casino.  Firstly, the decrease in gun prices has made it easier for criminals and civilians to obtain firearms. This means that encounters involving the use of guns are more frequent, resulting in a higher likelihood of players experiencing bug-related losses or rulebreak-related losses. By decreasing the refund amount, it would provide much-needed assistance to those affected by such incidents.

Who would this benefit?


Who would have issues with this one?

This would mean that head admins will have to probably spawn in more stuff for people. However, it could be ruled that if a loss was under a certain threshold, they would only be compensated in weapons, cash, or other items that are not easily obtainable.

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I agree with you in principle, I think losing things outside of circumstances beyond your control is incredibly frustrating, no matter the amount. To some people on this server $15k is actually quite a bit of money especially if you are just starting out.

Might this be something that is not only lowered but also, something which could be entrusted to our senior admin team as well as the heads? Not just to handle the increase in requests but also, just to better serve these requests? I don't know if the limitation is a admin permission issue or not but I think if you're at the point you are a senior admin, you can be more than trusted to be beyond reproach right?

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