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let us use NPC character skins

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  • Who is the suggestion for?
    - Players that have a character or are trusted to RP very well creating a new character
  • Why is the suggestion being made?
    - More diversity in character models present in the game

  • What are the pros and/or cons of the suggestion?
    - More diversity in character models present in the game
    - Revenue generation for the server
    - Dev Work
    - Ripe for potential Favoritism
    - People will complain about "pay to win" somehow.

  • How should the suggestion be implemented?
    - allow players to purchase being able to use certain NPC models for a new character they are creating or put onto their current RP character.


So. into the nitty gritty details.

I would love to see the option available for players to be allowed to create a character or use a NPC model on their current character.
so, the problems start here. there's only a finite amount of NPC models, so how do we control who gets one and who doesnt?

1. more in depth character application form to be allowed to use a NPC model for the character
- significantly more strict and filtered application process to create or implement a NPC model on a character. 
- this would give players who have actively proven their RP prowess on the server to have something a bit more "custom" and be able to provide top quality RP to players on the server
2. Paywall it.
- there's only so many NPCs available, and a way to control access would to put it behind a purchase. some people wont like this idea, but considering the dev work required, and the time invested into creating and reviewing the more in depth applications, implementing systems to make the NPC models work on characters, etc, theres cost associated with that, and this would help make sure its paid for and profitable for the server.
- potentially also limit it behind having some form of VIP for the server, that way there is an active subscription being paid in, to keep claim over a model. would prevent players from quitting the server after using a model, making that model locked away unusable for others.

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On 1/14/2024 at 5:34 PM, Quietthecutie said:

I could be wrong but i think greater character customisation is on the horizon? i remember seeing a post somewhere...maybe by @Bala regarding this.

either way, +1 for it.

They said that 2 years ago and promised at christmas that it would come, it never came...


+1 for that and new clothing.

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