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CK - Character Killing

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There absolutely needs to be a clear definition in the rules regarding ROLEPLAYING a character's death, note I am not asking for the possibility to perma-kill other players, and I am not asking for the possibility to remove a player's ability to play their character. However, if I decide that I no longer wish to continue playing my character. I should have the ability in a roleplay server to roleplay a death scene in which others can be involved and have my character RPly die.

I have done this with two of my characters (Kyu_Aberdeen) and (Grace_Raven) and both of those characters' permadeath were approved by two head admins.

However, yesterday I had a two-hour-long roleplay in which my character Nikki_Maye was tazed while recovering from brain surgery, I had agreed to myself weeks in advance when I had the MD brain surgery roleplay that should I be tazed or injured while recovering I would roleplay a bleed on the brain, and after being tazed I did just that however neither PD or DOC RPed any sort of treatment or pulse check, my character went over 1 hour without a pulse and therefore I made the conscious decision that I wanted to kill my character and was fully aware of what that entails since I have killed two of my characters already. My roleplay was abruptly ruined when admin Risk appeared and told me that I am not allowed to roleplay my character's death, to be told I am not allowed to roleplay in a roleplay server when there is no rule against roleplaying death is absurd. I am aware there is a rule about forcing your character's death however this is different, as I was doing it for the story and not to avoid anything.

Not only did this ruin my two-hour-long roleplay scene abruptly. But it also ruined everyone else's roleplay who was involved. The taze happened on Weazel CCTV, which would have given Herrman Wolff a very juicy story for the Weazel Faction. PD carried out an arrest report, providing a lawsuit roleplay possibility between JB and PD after investigating the death of Nikki Maye who was forcefully put inside a cruiser without a pulse. The DOC guard who forcefully dressed my dead body and processed me would have carried out a process report which would have provided even more investigation roleplay following the character's death. Not to mention the numerous people who adored Nikki Maye and could have sought their own justice for what happened.

Regardless of what change does/doesn't happen, I am no longer going to play Nikki Maye due to the fact that she RPly went over 2 hours without a pulse and without being treated. It would be power gaming on my part to give Nikki Maye any sort of life, and I am true to my storytelling RP's so she will remain unplayed for the foreseeable future. I just hope that this post either; Outlines in the General Rules that players are not allowed to Roleplay their permadeath/Incorporates something officially that allows players to request approval for their character's permadeath to prevent anything like this from happening again.

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Absent further context from other involved parties, +1

All my characters have perma conditions, in my view if one of these conditions is met as someone is trying to provide medical RP, the general rule of ''you can not force your death during Medical RP'' should be thrown out the window.

To my knowledge, this rule was put in place because some players abused it as a way to avoid spending time in prison and receiving criminal charges. This motivation generally does not exist during perma situations since your character will cease to exist IC'ly.

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Hello! As I was named in this suggestion, I'd like to clarify because you chose to log out from the scene before I was able to finish typing. 

The situation was reported by those you were roleplaying with given you were refusing medical RP and advising you were ICly dead OOCly both via /fdo and via /b. The semantics surrounding the situation are irrelevant to my point- I advised you that unless you are scriptly dead, your character remains living per the ECRP rules. The DOC guard on scene offered you in depth medical RP, you declined and logged off instead of attempting to find a happy medium within ECRP guidelines/rules. The only abrupt part of this ending was your choosing to leave instead of being willing to understand limitations and work with them.  

If it was a matter of wanting to RP a natural death due to negligence, then it should have received approval beforehand by someone authorized to make such a call, typically Senior Administrator+. This has been the process for AltRP since my arrival on the server in early 2021. Doing so without it, confusing several other players in the process, and ending up in a reported situation is why I made the call and was in the process of explaining and figuring out a suitable solution for everyone involved when you disconnected. 

There were still multiple avenues that could have been pursued to continue on with the storyline of "DOC neglect" but because of the logging, the situation was essentially voided and the other players involved were allowed to resume RP as they wanted doing other faction duties. I do certainly apologize you felt your roleplay was ruined and I absolutely understand your frustrations; however, I worked within my own limitations given my position on the server.

With that being said, I actually don't disagree Character Killing would be an interesting concept if there is roleplay surrounding it, reasoning, and it's not being used as a way to circumvent IC consequences to actions, but as it is right now, that's why the scenario played out as it did.

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As I was apart of this too I will explain a couple of things. As I arrived on scene of DOC as they asked for a Detective to come down to the prison, I saw a body of Mikki_Maye and an fdo stating "Nikki_Maye lies here dead ((Character Kill time {time - date}))" (Not the exact wording but I digress). I was extremely confused and as to my understanding of the server rules DeathRP does not happen without Senior Staff+ approval. I asked in /b if this has been approved to which I was met with "it's IC", which is trying to get around the whole approval thing because you wanted to kill the character. I said "it's not IC when there is an OOC FDO stating a character death". I got a message back with something like "The character is dead, there is roleplay behind it, if you do not consent to Death RP leave" (I do not remember the exact wording). I found this to quite rude and unnecessary as I was trying to get a understanding of the situation before I called it in ICly to continue the RP of the death. Under the Non-Roleplay Rule it states: Asking to be killed or forcing your own death. (Players are not allowed to force their death, they only die when they bleed out by the script), and I feel this was not followed when you attempted to kill off Nikki_Maye.

I was apart of a character kill only a few days ago where there was a very good reason to die and a lengthy story behind it. They were allowed to do it because they got approval by a Head Admin PRIOR to doing any medical roleplay with involved parties, which as there was approval I am more than happy to go through with and be apart of.

I am all in agreance of people being able to kill off their characters with proper roleplay behind it and a good story to go with it, but simply doing some roleplay without others knowing and then attempting to force kill the character without approval and using and "OOC FDO" was not the right way to go about in my opinion, and instead when confronted about it and people were trying to compromise on the situation to get a fair conclusion for all involved you said "sorry that I can't RP in an RP server" and logged out.


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On 9/4/2023 at 2:45 AM, Astrx said:

Under the Non-Roleplay Rule it states: Asking to be killed or forcing your own death. (Players are not allowed to force their death, they only die when they bleed out by the script), and I feel this was not followed when you attempted to kill off Nikki_Maye.

I have already spoken to multiple head admins regarding this, and that does not apply to this situation, The NRP forcing your own death refers to people who are injured during a situation such as a police chase or kidnapping and attempt RP that medical treatment is ineffective, that rule is in place to prevent people from forcing their character to respawn as a method of avoiding Prison.

I would like to point out that although the OP did come across as a rant about the situation. It is posted in Rules Suggestion for a reason because I was given a firm "You're not allowed to do this" by Risk, however, there is absolutely nothing outlined in the rules stating this. I am also not even trying to suggest that Character Killing be allowed, I am simply suggesting that Administrators and Support Staff are telling players that CK is against the rules. Then surely there should be a rule referring to CKing, How can you enforce a rule that does not exist? I will also point out that 2/7 of my characters are also RPly dead, and head admins were present for both of those RP deaths and had absolutely zero issues with me RPing as dead and then no longer playing the character. As I am also doing with Nikki regardless if it was void or not I have not played on Nikki since and I will never be playing on Nikki.


Additionally, I would like to extend my apologies to you for the way I rudely stated that it was IC, however, there was a 2-hour long RP prior to your arrival and I was just frustrated to have it abruptly interrupted. There was no need for me to take it out on you and I am sorry for doing so.

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