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Stinger TT Tweek

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Now i'm not asking for this thing to be a rocket ship but my gripe is with the stats. a Jug stats are as follows 84 Top speed and 94 Acceleration per F6 are https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1125929560161132675/1142937419935649904/image.png

Whilst the new Stinger TT price tag is Similar at dealerships and import cost with quite less the performance contrary to what the f6 panel says

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1125929560161132675/1142937629059469312/image.png  Top speed of 86    99 Acceleration    per F6

Now i personally bought this vehicle with credits to support the server i spend so much time on and love and ALSO because these stats show this vehicle slightly better then the JUG but the fact of the matter is the JUG and 10F out perform this vehicle in both speed and acceleration. This new Stinger TT is equal to the new dominator i think? in a drag race they are equal. This Stinger TT shows highter stock in both top speed and acceleration but LACKS that performance in server. Even maxed the this is Sluggish off the line and only maxes out around 210 on the highway, A scout out performs this vehicle, While that is fine but the stats show this to be slightly better then a jug and should ZOOM compared to a scout. 


Now my suggestion is to make this equal or slightly better then the jug or slash the import (at dealerships) price as the vehicle isn't justified in performance for the cost. Credits i understand the cost and that isn't my issue as by the ammout of people i see driving them we all like nice shiny new things. 

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5 minutes ago, Requiem said:

The stats might not be relevant, but I think we can all agree that the vehicle's performance is pretty bad for a 1 mil car. 

you could say that about many vehicles though. look at cars such as the revolter, comet s2 and many others that are out-classed by cars like the elegy retro and paragon r

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