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Nerf Melee Damage

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I assumed this was suggested a while ago but I'm unable to find any discussion for it. This will be archived if I find it!

Unarmed melee damage should be nerfed as it is completely unrealistic now.

Since the Rage update in late 2020, melee damage has been insane. As a member of the SADOC faction since then, I have witnessed thousands of situations and fights that have ended in a few punches. Armor does also not reduce melee damage. There should be no reason that fists can down someone faster than bullets.
After some testing, the melee damage seems quite consistent and takes just over 4 hits to down someone from 100 health. Even with max wellness your health usually caps out under the threshold for 4 hits. However, it is very clear that melee damage can be wildly inconsistent and the damage skyrockets.

Here is an example from 2021:



Benefits of lowering melee damage:

  • Balancing fights. At the moment you can 4 punch someone where a gun would take 8+ shots to take you down.
  • Fight clubs would last more than a few hits.
  • Would fix a lot of issues with rule breaches where people decide to use fists when they are being shot.
  • Totally improve the prison experience 😄


Negatives of lowering melee damage:

  • It would take longer to beat someone up



TL;DR, Melee damage should do 1/2 of the current damage, if not less.

I'd love to hear other people's views.

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100% Agree, it is silly how you could be wearing fully Riot Gear (150-200 AP); can lose a fight against someone that is just using fists.  I could have put in 2-4 Shots by a Carbine Mk II into someone, but I am the one injured after being hit 3 times. 

Again, this would be an amazing change if implemented.  

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Massive +1

A lot of other servers have fight clubs and this value adjusted in general it takes a long time to fist fight to get injured. This would help people fend for themselves and have a chance of getting away which would overall improve RP storylines because people can retaliate later instead of having a 20-second fight and getting killed because everyone is obsessed with that.

The 3-4 fight clubs that exist would actually have things to fight about and it would be more entertaining than stomping someone out of rag dolls down for 3 punches.

Prison could actually not be as shitty and you have a fighting chance if someone jumps you without you seeing anything

@Osvaldon do you have any thoughts about this one being looked at if you end up doing some more gun balancing with this new update?

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