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2 minutes ago, Bala said:

Hell no 


The problem with apartment labs is it was absolute minimal RP. There's just nothing really involved other than "Got any lysergic?" "yeah" and that's the sum of the conversation and interactions. The criminal 'endgame' was solely based around getting a lab up and running to effectively generate infinite income and camp indoors so you can buy new toys. The whole point of an RP server is to interact and have fun, and with apartment labs being taken away and the updates pushing people outside of properties with the water bottle nerf; people are actually getting out and doing things other than cooking. Granted, a lot of criminals have taken to going to labs pretty religiously but it at least gives something with other people. It increases PvP interactions, hostile interactions, but can provide some fairly welcome interactions too such as conversations about how other factions are doing and why people are cooking in public labs to begin with.

Overall it's increased the amount of interactions criminals receive and forces them to stop grinding entirely solo. You still have the chance to cook without water bottles, you just have to open up yourself to interactions now.

RP > Assets. 

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