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[Guide Suggestion] Hey… I just joined ECRP. Like what do I do now?

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**I understand there is already a guide for new players, the intention behind this guide would be a quick reference tool that could be easily updated. It's been a long time since I've made a new account but I remember finding it hard to get all this information, nor did I even know it was available. I think it would be nice to link something like this guide or the IN DEPTH New citizens guide at the beginning and end of the application for ECRP as well as on discord**


Welcome to ECRP! Within this server you will encounter both heavy RPer’s as well as casual RPer’s. Whatever your preference, you can find a home here.

Helpful Commands

When using these commands replace anything with [brackets] INCLUDING the [brackets] with the information. These definitions and examples are not the only ones that exist and are very broad. They do not cover all instances and should only be used as a basic guide. None of this has been ruled on by admins or should be quoted on for official procedure.

/license [ID] - Your character shows their licenses to a desired target.

Example: If you want to show your license to someone with the ID (number above their head) 35, you would /license 35. If you want to look at your own license, you would simply type /license


/alias [ID] - Your character uses this to remember people's faces. You can only use this command scriptly if the target has their mask off. 

Example: If you want to remember someone's name, you can change the number above their head to change from reading 111 to John Doe (111)


/ame - Used to describe a quick action your character is making that would be visible to the public, this is not something long form as it will NOT appear in the text box.

Example: Your character waves or smiles. That would look like /ame smiles


/me - Used to describe what your character is doing at the time. 

Example: /me looks over the scene of the crime. She observes the ground where the tire marks would be to see if there is anything noteworthy. 


/do - Used to describe the scene or what your character would have observed/what others would observe about your character

Example: /do She would notice the tires have wider and deeper tread marks indicating off road tires. 


/ldo [ID] - Used to communicate with others about what they may view when observing an incident.

For example: You are viewing CCTV footage that happened. Your character would interact with the computer. You’re trying to get in contact with ID 5; you are ID 13. The entire instance would go as follows…

You: /me logs into the computer and goes to the security footage. She would input her credentials before searching for the incident that happened 10 mins prior.

You: /ldo 5 what does she find in the CCTV footage at Bayview 10 mins ago?

Them: /ldo 13 She would see ID 5 punch ID 10 at Bayview. They would not have a mask on.

Helpful Links:

Admin Panel - Used to manage your characters and punishments 

There are multiple avenues to expand on the RP you experience within the city.

Fully Working Government Website

Other Half of the Scriptly Supported Jobs, A place to advertise, In-Character Auctions, etc.

Judicial Branch Website

University of Los Santos

Working the Government Website

  1. Go to the Fully Working Government Website
  2. Click on Register in the top right corner
  3. Your username should be your character name. For example: George Cross or Jane Doe
  4. Fill out the rest of the necessary information
  5. The current police chief is Alex Donnelly.

Helpful Guides

Property Management Commands (When you’ve bought a property)

Beginners Medical RP Guide (AKA How to interact with medics)

HOW TO: Amplify your Roleplay by adding Depth

Character Development: How to develop a deep and believable character

Useful Tool for Playing Music in Your Car /carurl

How to use 'bodycam' or 'camera' footage

How the Coroner (Freelance Job 3/15) Works

Add radio sounds/noises to your in-game radio for free

IN DEPTH New citizens guide

HOW to find an undershirt for your suit!

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If you believe you'd be able to create a guide to help newer players get into the swing of things, feel free to create a post in the FAQ & Server Guides section and it can be reviewed & approved - it is not a section exclusively for staff to post in so you are more than welcome to create something in there if you find that it'd be helpful.




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