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Clothing Accessory: First Aid Kit (Dufflebag Reskin?)

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Title says it all, really.

As an EMT, and having the CPR command unlocked in-game when I'm off-duty, I like to carry around something that indicates that I am carrying a first aid kit in case I come across someone who has been injured.

I used to carry around a dufflebag, but I stopped doing it because I would always get robbed by people who want it for themselves. I never used the dufflebag to actually store anything inside of it, so basically I was spending $2000 every hour or so to say I'm ICly carrying a first aid kit around... and that adds up.

Now while I can understand people stealing a first aid kit in a robbery (especially because it's a robbery), most people are grabbing the bag so they can use the bag to transport illegal goods; they aren't stealing it to use it for medical RP.

So I wonder...

Would it be possible to create a dufflebag reskin that resembles a first aid kit, then add it to the Clothing shops as an accessory? (Similar to where you find ties and necklaces). You can still RP it being taken, but the idea is that the bag itself can't be used as an additional inventory space, so there'd be no real benefit to stealing it. People can't steal the CPR command from you in-game, so what would be the point of stealing a medkit when you have no idea how to use the medical supplies, or what most of them are? Makes sense to me.


- Kaizure

Edit: Maybe as an addition, the first aid kit would become available once someone unlocks the CPR command? That way if someone is seen with it, you know they have the ability to administer first aid.

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4 hours ago, Xoza said:

Aren't backpacks accessories you can choose in GTA Online? Are there any accessories that look like this that don't specifically look like a re-textured bag?

I'll log in and check. Might be something that can be imported into Eclipse without having to do a texture change to the dufflebag.



The only time you can wear a backpack is when you are doing that specific story mode mission where Michael pretends to be a computer geek. Otherwise the only time you can use a dufflebag is when you are doing a heist or a motorcycle club mission that involves dropping off goods in online.

There are clothing accessories you can wear, like military helmets, that have crosses on them... but these aren't exactly ways to store medical supplies.

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12 minutes ago, Xoza said:

Is it just a regular looking backpack or a laptop bag or something? That may work well enough on its own, even without retexturing. Medical kits can actually be pretty small these days.

Oh yeah, I know they're not massive. I was actually thinking it might work better if there was like some kind of small ammo pack or something you could carry, or have a utility belt of some kind that looks like it has a medical texture to it, but dufflebags are the most well known and used accessories that, well, looks like a bag.

A backpack could work too, or maybe even a parachute retexture.

Really anything would work. Just would be nice to have something that looks medically and act as something we can acquire from a clothing store.

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