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Integrating TAC ingame (With suggestions)

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I think just like 911 is a locked frequency, thereshould be 3 more locked frequencies for PD. Currently PD uses keyboard shortcuts binded to Teamspeak in order to quickly switch channels. No matter how hard officials try to combat Metagaming, it still happens. I suggest that PD Members should replace these keybinds with macros.


Alt + 1 types in chat /radiofreq [Tac1freq]

Alt + 2 types in chat /radiofreq [Tac2freq]

And so on.


This can be easily accomplished with AutoHotKey [AHK], which is just as easy as downloading teamspeak.


This makes it impossible for major metagaming on TAC to occur. Although this may not be efficent for due to VOIP bugs, criminals have to live with it too. In a shootout with police criminals are at the same disadvantage.

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