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SELLING Beach-Front medium property

Acquired in 2020, as the first owner of the property, with the help of a powerful connection, it can be used for any type of business the owner desires.


The property itself comes with:


• A top-of-the-line location, right on the beach, next to the Mask-Shop;

• A private spacious parking space, with room to build a staircase and a rooftop;

• Built exterior to cover unnecessary miscellaneous and to give a high-end aspect to it;

• Stacked with safes interior so you can get straight to building!



The property has been sold back and forward and the last price it was sold at was 2,500,000 $, not too long ago. Now with the gov. being the only way to acquire a property, I believe such gems raised in price, so I will evaluate it at 3,000,000 $. The price is a personal appreciation and I am open to offers.

Contact me at: 368-7106


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