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Joseph Petrov

Prison & Citizen licenses

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I believe that having a standard license such as a citizen's license would look real nice and would be pretty immersive too.

If government workers stop you and ask for a license and nothing shows up when doing /license the government workers still somehow see your license regardless.

Also on the other hand when in prison and asking for parole they ask you for your license which prisoners don't actually carry around in their pocket irl. So why would it differ here?
Having a prisoner number when in jail would be a far better approach than showing your driver's license or a blank license for rp reasons.

It also looks better to say "Can you show me your prisoner number so I can look you up on the database?" or "Can you show me your citizen id/license?"

I've made two mockup licenses that I belive would be pretty immersive and realistic (not artistic though)




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