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few suggestions

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Hello everybody,

Please comment if someone have better suggestions then those, cause I think those are good for every side whos having business and etc.



1. There are some business far away from the city, as everybody knows business to buy/have cost a lot, but profit from it - is very low. Most of the people I hope will agree on that, cause place like Paleto bay, Grapeseed, Sandy shores sometimes are forgotten, but import prices for gas/guns are same as like in the city. Also if business is far away from city - no one goes there, cause there aren`t any action and it is no point to move there even when the prices are 2x lower..

So I wish some of the business people also to earn some money and my few suggestions are those:

A option) Split import prices of gas/guns into the 3 parts of country for example like:


Gas prices maybe could be:

1st zone 12$ import, 2nd zone 8$ import and 3rd zone 4$ import prices.

Gun prices maybe could be:

1st zone xxxx import, 2nd zone xxxx import and 3rd zone xxxz import prices.

(will edit after I get information what import prices right now cause I know everyone is having different) 

B option) All people in city are paying taxes, every work in city for example PD, MD, Taxi, Courier, Weazel, Trucker, Bus driver and CityBee definately gives/adds car/moto, truck, bus, van or something right ? And all the time it does have fuel of 100-120% from where they are all having ? I think could be also good idea if government could buy this fuel from the stations which gives lowest price of the gas. 

Same thing with Gun shop - PD using rifles, so from government cash they could also buy ammo/rifles from the Gun shops which gives best prices. 


2. IMPORTED cars - most of my cars in parking are bought from government. The problem in that, cause I even can`t share/give keys for any of my friends to use it, because it shows "This car is not belongs to you" for /givekey command must be same as for regular cars.



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- so many gun shop is out of stock ( owner is not playing anymore or he doesn't want to sell a gun)

- General store can be used as Business

- Boat shop doesn't have owner

- ammunition for each officer should be limited when he takes the weapon from armory ( I saw so many video from PD officer they carry so many gun micro uzi - sniper - smg ..... wtf? this is not realistic )

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On 11/10/2018 at 5:27 PM, Einaras said:


1st zone 12$ import, 2nd zone 8$ import and 3rd zone 4$ import prices.

-1 from me, these prices does not make any sense just because the devs changed the stock price for gas from $2 to $5, which made a HUGE difference in terms of earnings. every owner should be able to choose their own prices to their own fuel/gun/car station/dealership. another thing, if this will be implemented, most owners will most likely just lose money because the developers changed the stock price, and It's coming from a fuel station owner.

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Since this suggestion, Paleto has become a hub for more RP and players have many more reasons to go there. With the trucker job, bus job, high end, Bayview, SD and the Coroner job, Paleto attracts a lot more players that now come to these businesses.


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