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Bad police RP along with prison RP

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Just so everyone knows I do NOT want anyone punished in any sort of way for this. Also this is basically a rant about some recent RP I've had.

Now with that aside the RP that is done by police tends to be rushed and minimized. Because they want to arrest the criminal quickly before they can be broken out. I get it but for example when I got arrested I had been shot in the spine 3x. Which would likely kill you but I was not trying to RP death or anything. All I wanted was for the police to treat my injuries like I had actually been sprayed by a smg from meters away to the spine. The RP I got was "applies gauze to wounds", "Did it stop the bleeding". Which I responded with "yes but there would still be a fracture in the spine from the bullets". Which then I received "Picks up man and gently puts him in police car".  Like realistically if you pick up a guy who has a fractured back he would die or be paralyses you would need to use a stretcher or bare minimum a brace just something so my character not being essentially killed. Afterwards we arrived at MD I brought it up again in an area where I had no chance of escape or break out. There I got "MD does great work", and "Spine has a big hitbox". Like I get it the cops want to arrest the criminal and the criminal doesn't want to be arrested but can we at least do more RP then warping them in gauze and not caring what wounds the person really has.  

Now onto prison, prison right now is terrible I went there expecting to have afk simulator already. But then I realized you cant go into the yard anymore, only the cell block now. The already boring experience just got so much worse the cell block is bland with nothing to do or RP with. On top of that I talked the cop into letting me have a radio so I wouldn't have to sit in the cell alone doing nothing for 90 min. Only to find out that like you phone you can no longer use a radio while in prison even if they give it to you. The only good RP I had at that time was me bribing the cop and I was having a blast doing it. But it was essentially worthless and just made me afk the whole situation rather then having RP with other prisoners that might come in or talking with people. If you did half of what was said in the post that is below prison could also be an enjoyable RP experience to.


I am sorry for this long rant I just want getting arrested and prison to be a RP experience where you can have some fun and not just be punished OOCly for being a criminal.

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To be brutally honest about the bullet wound part.. people that are in MD and PD might not be knowledgeable for extreme medical RP, that being said I think they just do the basics which is to treat you ICly with whatever knowledge they have about medical RP and move on, which is totally fine. 

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I 100% agree. 

You'd think that EMTs get quite some good training about how to treat wounds and bone fractures. Guess thats not the case, because it seems like most EMTs are taxi drivers, with one or two /do & /me's more. I get shot 5 times, what will happen? Most of the time I get "patched" up, simple, no RP at all, and they expect me to give good RP. How can I give good RP if im trying to give a good description of my wound/wounds and get a simple patching up /me and a simple /do Would the bleeding slow/stop?

For small injuries, like a simple crash with your scooter, or car, it can be done with a few /me & /do's but when it comes to gunshot wounds or when the player really gets beaten up, it should be RP'ed indepth.

Death RP should be allowed too when RP'ed correcly, and the wounds are sufficient. Although, it seems like even if you do RP it, most people will not allow it.

Prison is fun for 15 minutes, but waiting in jail for 2 hours for nothing is boring af.

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Hi, I'm an EMT. And I have minor medical experience IRL, as do most of the medics. Sure, you can google things on how to decently treat these things, but you need to keep in mind that this is still a game that we play in our free time. Sure, I'm guilty too of trying to stem the bleeding with a single /me. But honestly, why do you expect quality from us when all we get in return to three lines of /me's is a short response?

I'll put my best leg forward to RP with people who put in the effort. If you RP decently, then I'll do quality RP in return. It isn't always possible, tho. You need to make the tradeoff: do you RP with everyone extensively, or do you go through the call list so everyone has a maximum chance of survival? At the end of the day, the second option is usually chosen. People are so quick to cast judgement: either it's "medics don't RP enough", or it's "medics didn't respond to my call and I died". Make up your mind.

Be the change you want to see in the world. If the RP frustrates you, do it better yourself. Step your own game up. Learn others how to RP. Nothing is going to change otherwise.

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First I'd like to point out that this is posted in the wrong sub-forum. Please use the correct sub-forums next time.


As a long-time member of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, I would like to give my 2 cents on the topic, specifically related less to @MarlboroRed's and more to @Appelgi's response.


  •  EMT training in-general.

Training takes about 5-7 hours, maybe more, and in that time they have to learn scene management, communication, radio codes, ambulance operation, etc. The amount of RP a specific medic is willing to put behind their treatment is individual and can't realistically be taught as it's RP, we can only give them guidance and a general idea on how to RP as a medic. We don't have the time nor resources to spend 2-3 hours going over every single treatment there is for each trainee on top of what they already have to do. Not only that, but there is very little need for that, because, as mentioned before, RP is very individual ( Yes, they still have to know some basic medical treatments and how to use equipment ). For medics to even pass their certification they have to display at least the minimum amount of RP necessary for treatments.


  • Crashing a scooter vs GSWs with a broken legs sprinkled in-between.

A crash with a scooter vs a GSW is quite a bad comparison.

Bleeding from a GSW can easily be stopped using gauze pads, compression bandages and pressure. If need be add absorbent pads and keep pressure on the wound. It is up to the person who has the GSWs to create more RP if they want, for example broken/fracture ribs from a GSW to the chest, collapsed lungs, lungs filling with blood. This is exactly how you would treat any type of bleeding IRL - use of a cloth and pressure.

Crashing a scooter should never be done with one or two /me's and /do's on both sides. People usually resort to broken legs, because they think that is the quickest way to get back to MD to get "revived". They are not incorrect, trainee's and freshly certified medics don't usually ( not always and not everyone ) do a lot of in-depth RP, however every single time I, or for that matter any other experienced ( and sometimes inexperienced ) medic treats a broken leg we make full use of /me's and /do's to create and interesting scenario for ourselves, because treating broken legs, and I am not kidding, literally three-five+ times an hour is really repetitive and burns medics out really quickly.


  • Death RP.

This is more of a PD related thing, but I'd like to give the MD side. RPing death is always asked for when it is advantageous for the person asking for it. The whole concept of RPing death came from criminals to begin with and has never been a server rule / RP rule, however it is mutually agreed that PD decides it first and foremost. However I've never had anyone ask for Death RP or even RP in a way that'd result in their death when PD wasn't involved whatsoever. I have personally allowed people to RP death if PD allows and they have put enough effort into their RP, however that happens quite rarely. As medics, we have very little control over Death RP when PD is involved, we are just there to do our jobs and make sure you are treated if Death RP is denied by PD.


This topic has already been derailed enough from PD and prison to MD. I just noticed a few misconceptions about medics that needed to be addressed.

Furthermore I would like to ask anyone responding from now on to focus on the main points of this topic.

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