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  1. Hello, I was one of the Officers at the scene at the beginning screaming to put your hands up, ID 8. In my point of view, guns were aimed towards us from inside the store, the only reason why all the officers outside including my self fired shots. Thus why, even SWAT knowing that, when entering the store in your video, they went in guns blazing.
  2. Highest cash I got offered is 800K via emails, will be selling the house within the next 2 days if there isn't any higher offers.
  3. Selling a 3 garage house in Vinewood on Kimble Dr. 4 blocks right above Tequilala. Decent parking with a big back yard. Has a mini pool, no water in it. Has the beach house interior. Offer, #5896214 Email: Westy#8192
  4. Ad title says it all, hit me up with an offer, #5896214 Email is Westy#8192
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