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  1. MarlboroRed

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

  2. MarlboroRed

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

    Enjoying tha view
  3. MarlboroRed

    Adding People to Business Management Menu

    Seems like a co owner type of deal so you guys can both do something scriptwise with the business. If so, sounds good to me. +1
  4. MarlboroRed

    Weapon dealerships

    -1, gun shops already have legal guns, heavies can be obtained ICly through player to player.
  5. MarlboroRed

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

    Great day at Vanilla Unicorn
  6. MarlboroRed

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

    Meetin up with tha Wicked Vice Lords Meetin up with Rancho Vice Lords
  7. MarlboroRed

    Dynamic Fishing

  8. MarlboroRed

    [buying] 2-3 car garage house.

    Got a 3 garage, for 300K let me know in Vespucci Canal, big parking space, has an actual road that leads up to the gas station next to Weazel. #5896214 or Westy#8192 @gmail.com
  9. MarlboroRed

    [Selling] 3G Vespucci Canal

    Alright got one left, this one is the one with an actual street where it is not cramped, It's the one right behind the Gas Station in the middle of the GPS. Has SPACIOUS parking on the front and the back, not like the other Canal houses where it's all cramped up.
  10. MarlboroRed


    Yup, Paleto gas is not worth, think it was bought for 2m and resold to 4m to someone within a span of a week.
  11. MarlboroRed


    Yup what @Darnell said, bidding start out price is way too high,, what's the buyout price?, when does it end?
  12. MarlboroRed

    [Selling] Turismo R Supercar !!!

    Good luck man.
  13. MarlboroRed

    [Selling] Turismo R Supercar !!!

    A x80 proto and a Tempesta went around for 5-5.5. Also the supercar auctions are going to hit soon. I really think the price is too high for that car man. I'd bid 4.5m if I was able to.
  14. MarlboroRed

    House stash vol adjustment