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Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

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<!> Everything in this thread is meant for out-of-character purposes and should not be taken in-character in any way, shape, nor form.M0xd5SV.png


1957, North Lawndale, Chicago. Several African-American kids form the Vice Lords gang. They were led by the founding member Edward Perry, who chose the name after he looked up the term "vice" in the dictionary, and found the meaning "having a tight hold". As they were released from incarceration, they began widespread recruitment and engaged in conflict with other gangs from various Chicago neighborhoods. By '64, they had grown significantly and law enforcement named them as a primary target because of their various illegal activities, including but not limited to robbery, theft, assaults, battery, intimidation and extortion.

Their numbers and popularity grew so much that other sets started springing up all over the United States. All the sets united as the Almighty Vice Lord Nation under the self-proclaimed leadership of Willie Lloyd. 

2018, Stab City, San Andreas. Two brothers were out trying to make some quick cash, chopping a vehicle. A loose group of people showed up with guns and asked who they were affiliated with. As no satisfactory answer was provided, they proceeded to rob them and leave them to walk back to the city, without money but with much determination. It was on that long walk back to the city, that they decided to start this next chapter in their life. That's how the Insane Vice Lords sprung out of Los Santos, to become the most notorious Vice Lord set, known for their ruthlessness and violence.

The Insane Vice Lords sees an increase in notoriety, which in turn increases the number of recruits which then increases the notoriety, and as such their numbers increase exponentially. Never being one to waste resources, these new soldiers are put to work consolidating early work and increasing their areas of influence. Drug manufacturing laboratories all over Los Santos are regularly used and monitored and before long, you can no longer produce drugs if you're on bad terms with the Nation. 

The soldiers start being groomed by more experienced members, and they start accumulating individual wealth and power, just as the Nation promised. Store clerks all over town are afraid of the dreaded black car armada, as when it strikes, not police nor SWAT can save them. Compliance is the only option, and this compliance lines the soldiers' pockets with cash.

Extra-nation relations continue to improve as the leaders leave the petty criminal life behind and join the cities elites. Regular meetings with the older organizations are now the norm, and mutual calls for assistance always get answered, further strengthening those bonds. The Almighty Vice Lord Nation recognizes the Insane Vice Lord's achievements in their pursuit of wealth, influence and growth and promotes it's leaders to overseer ranks. No longer can the IVLs leadership be considered petty criminals. 

Relationships with the council degraded to the point where war was declared by the coalition of Los Zetas, Clowns and Irish, who were further reinforced by Los Calaveras, a seditious AVLN set. The Nation was reinforced by the up and coming organization: Triads and the forces clashed on the streets for weeks. In the end, the nation's soldiers did not resist the test of time, and cries for peace started echoing out, which were heard by the Kings.

The Nation sued for peace, and settled up with the council. Peace once again rung in the streets, however the seditious Calaveras were still at large, and the vast majority of the organization was tired. The decision was made to shut down activity in Los Santos, and vacate the town.


The King's return and make contact with what's left of the once great sets of the Nation. They regroup and unite under a single mission: peace. The organization re-established formal communications with old enemies and allies, and bent the knee, in the pursuit of peace. It is an entirely new Los Santos compared to the one that they left behind, and navigating it is a challenge. Soldiers were given tasks and work has begun on rebuilding what was once a great Nation. 


▶ Re-establish formal relations with the main organizations

▶ Establish a strong presence at new headquarters

▶ Enlist the help of a reasonable amount of dependable soldiers

▶ Acquire and run a popular establishment


Ⅰ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will have and show respect for the Nation Laws and it's people, no exceptions.

Ⅱ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will uphold each and every order given at any time.

Ⅲ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will be given a position within the Nation, and this position is to be upheld with your love and life.

Ⅳ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will keep a code of silence and keep all Nation conversations within the Nation circle.

Ⅴ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will pay a weekly due. The money is put aside for members. If you can't afford to pay your due, contact a brother.

 Ⅵ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation will carry a firearm and a radio on their person at all times. 

Ⅶ. Everyone will be on the lookout for anyone wishing to become a member of this organization. They must be brought before a shot caller or higher.

Ⅷ. Everyone within the Vice Lord Nation can and will be persecuted for not following the laws.


The Almighty Vice Lord Nation promises to offer a great environment for any community member that wishes to portray a realistic gang member, in a gang that's predominantly African-American. The gang regularly organizes roleplay focused events such as house and hood parties and corner dice games. There is room for people that wish to roleplay in a more violent manner, however, roleplay is the pillar of the organization, and other aspects such as wealth, gun skill and driving ability will come second to that, always.

If you enjoy spending time roleplaying, and engaging in the (sometimes unlikely) pursuit of wealth with a group of like-minded individuals, then this is the group for you.


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3 minutes ago, alexalex303 said:









Whos that guy in the wolf mask? Looks dope tbh.


To be serious tho, today was my first interaction with these guys at LSD lab. They seemed super cool and nice and made me laugh a bit after inviting the cops to eat BBQ with them. Really liked the thread.

Good luck and see you around.

- Yuval Gotlin

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Amazing people, very active and helpful. Was amazed about the fact that somebody asked for help and there were like 6 guys saying where, where?! Funny thing is the guy wanted to get a gas tank because he ran out. Amazing stuff happening here. Looking forward to get more action with the team.

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