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Quality of Life / Polling system

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I think there should exist a system called the "Quality of Life system" which determines whether or not the server needs improvement.

This could be done in a number of ways however I think the most simple way to implement this would be a poll system that could be added in game.

This system would allow the community to directly interact with the server they love by deciding whether or not things need to change.

A Poll booth by town hall where you can cast a vote on certain topics (Are taxes too high?, Would you attend a community event, Etc..)

I feel like this would give the players a way to feel like they are helping steer the server in a more community based direction.

It wouldn't directly have to influence the game either, and perhaps you could add a small token of appreciation for them like a sticker or something for their car, or a tag on their license.

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Great idea, I think the suggestions board right here already covers it assuming there's a lot of good suggestions coming through with homogeneous agreement, however, it would be great to have a nice little element of RP involved in a polling booth.


Possibly rotate the questions on a weekly basis, have a /vote 1 /vote 2 etc for each option, similar system to how you choose which tickets to pay in PD. Fast way of gathering Data for the founders on important server decisions.


Helps improve the community if they feel their opinions are validated. Good stuff!

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