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Remove the revolver of PD equipment

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Hello dear fellows.

As all you know, the PD high ranks has a one shot gun who stalls the engine.

Literally no other gun than a 50 BMG caliber (picture below) would stall the engine or would do damage to the car from one shot.


Vote +1 if you think its bs when revolver with such small bullet can do instant stall on the vehicle



50bmg ammo.jpg

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As you showed me a video of the incident you're referring to, the revolver was not used to stall your engine as the only person with it was in a driver seat position at the time your car stalled. 


Why did you not include the video here I wonder?


As there are maybe 5 people total who have access to the gun it is pretty locked down but I'm open to the discussion if you do have any evidence of it actually being misused in some way. 


As for the guy who says he lost 6 v 1 to someone with a revolver, I'm positive that's either fabricated or those are the worst 6 shooters ever. I'd love to see that. Cops have 50 body armor which gives them 1 extra shot MAYBE. A revolver does not make them invincible and if he managed to land a shot on all 6 people without getting shot himself then I dont see that being a result of the gun he was using it seems like you got out skilled.

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