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Hitting Money Trucks

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As you can see hitting money trucks is something that is already implemented into the game since it launched, I remember when I first bought the game on release date I would love to see money trucks and as it is already implemented into the game I think this is do-able. there's 2 ways I see how this could work in ECRP one you have a simple copy and paste from the already implemented design having NPC'S do the job with a decent payout as it will alert the law enforcement to the location so it wont be easy or not be too hard or this be a specialist job for PD and SD where to make it fair there only be a set number of law enforcement  that can provide backup initially and if an attack happens then more can be provided. I think because this option is high risk as you have going up against PD or SD the payout should be the same as banks due to the nature as likely the Law enforcement having all the armour and weapons to ensure the money gets to its destination safely. 

if you agree or disagree just reply with -1 or +1 and and a brief reason to why.

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While I don't disagree with the idea of being able to rob scripted money trucks, I have several issues with your idea.

First and foremost, you're asking for a payout similar to a bank robbery, but the idea of having an armored truck having the same amount of cash in it as an entire bank vault is a little unrealistic.

Also, saying there needs to be a limit on amount of units of officers being able to respond to these calls is a massive -1.  Seems like you're simply looking for an easy way for a crim to get a huge payout without the same planning/tactics that go into a bank robbery.  Realistically, if someone is robbing a vehicle carrying a ton of money, and two armed guards (using the video as an example) are taken down, cops anywhere aren't going to limit response to a unit or two.

Now what I do think could make this work is a few options of robbing these trucks.  You could brute force the robbery as seen in the video.  This would alert the police immediately as there is obviously a large explosion/gunshots.  Second option could be a more stealthier option of jumping onto the back of the truck and attempting to picklock it open, take the money, and leave without potentially being noticed.  I also think it should be RNG as to what type of loot you could receive and weapons you could face from the guards.  Maybe a truck carrying 10k has a solo driver with a pistol, but a truck carrying 60k could have a driver and and passenger, both carrying shotguns.  I would also suggest making weapons lootable from the guards as well if they are taken down due to the risk carried out by those robbing the trucks.  Could be a good way to get some heavier weapons into the hands of criminals who do not have an official gang affiliation.

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