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I would love to see a listing-style website that would list all properties for sale which updates automatically.  This could potentially be accessible through a laptop which would give civilians use for an item which is essentially useless outside of official criminal factions & LEOs.

  • There could be a "website" written with simple script to pull every property that is currently for sale at the door, and list it into a table type format.  It would be similar to the MLS listings that are used in the US when selling a home or property.  While these MLS listings can get very detailed on each property, A basic result is all that would be needed to benefit the community.  
  • Script could be updated in real-time or a few times a day.
  • Devs could write up a short website header/background, and simply have something like the table below as the results.  Once a home or property gets purchased or taken off of sale, it would be removed from this script and not appear on the website.
  • Filtering could be allowed in order to filter only properties in a certain area (Los Santos, Paleto, Grapeseed, etc), Property Type (House, Apt, Other), Property Size (1G, 2G, etc).


Screenshot (91).png

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+1 or even a real estate building where people can head to and do the listing themselves while inactive houses get automatically listed. Perhaps incorporate weazel into it where it is a new position they can be at and help people trying to list houses, but this would require script support and a mechanic like LSC's self-repair station in cases where weazel is not on-duty

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