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Remove Necessity To Give Car Keys To Someone While In Vehicle, Maybe Houses.

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I think the need to be in a car to give someone keys is not really needed and limits rp in certain cases. I suggest allowing players to hand out keys in any state and place.

It can be /GiveKey [PlayerID] [License Plate/Slot Number] [True/False], or instead of License Plate, vehicles can be numbered in /VehicleStats as in:

  1. Scout [LicensePlate] [Location/State]
  2. Warrener [LicensePlate] [Location/State]
  3. And so on.

Perhaps this could be implemented to houses/properties as well in a way, numbering slots would be great and addition of a /MyHouses command to show your house numbered and their info.

  1. Procopio Dr. 1
  2. Wild Oats Dr. 7
  3. Tinsel Apartment 247

Command to be used /GiveHouseKey [PlayerID] [Slot Number] (for apartments, it would only give ACCESS permissions)

Let me know about your opinions! It just gets so frustrating when you don't have the vehicle with you or if you're injured and you want someone to access your vehicle or if you can't get to your house and want someone to get something from it for you.

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