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Impound & Releasing Fees

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The suggestion is pretty simple.

When someone wants to get a vehicle outside the impound lot and he requires to pay a fee, the officer who is releasing the vehicle is able to see how much money the individual paid, but the individual who owns the car is not able to see how much money he paid for the car.

I believe a notification should be sent to them as well to be able to see how much fees they are paying.

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Law enforcement is able to see the list of vehicles belonging to a specified player that are currently in impound, but the list does not give any indication of how much the release fee will be. I think the best approach would be to allow players to view this list for their own character, and then to add the release fee to the list so that both parties are aware of the fee.

Currently, neither party is able to see the fee before releasing the vehicle is attempted. Having someone wait at the impound for sometimes extended periods only to be informed that they do not have enough funds in the bank to release their car is wonky at best and could be easily avoided.

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