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You know that nice Vinewood racetrack we got in the city? Why aren’t there any nascar events organised? 
I mean it would be an event with not only nascar drivers and spectators but:

- P.D for escalations with supporters. 
- M.D for injured drivers or supporters.
- Weazel News capturing the whole event from a helicopter. 
- Mechanics. 
- Foodtrucks. 

Big after party in the middle of the track.


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There's a lot of events similar to this that happen pretty frequently, both organized in-character and also by the server staff team.
You can post more formal and detailed event ideas for staff events here: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/155-event-suggestions/

There's a few locations where we have access to custom mapping specifically for races as well as the one you specifically mentioned I've seen events there before. 

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