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Andollini's Winery

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The Dream

Luca Andollini was a son of a mafia Don, one of the most powerful in the New York. He did not like the way of living the life of a mafia as he has seen how did all those people throw their lives away. His father was disappointed when he decided to go to college, especially because Luca enrolled in Agriculture. He always expected him to become either lawyer to help his so called family by keeping them out of jail or to become economist and helping out to launder the money.

When Luca graduated with bachelor's degree in Agriculture, he decided to start up his own winery. Things were doing great, the business was booming, everything was in place.
But one night, Luca went out for some drinks with his highschool friends where one of them ended up working for his father. After a couple of drinks, that friend spoke out about Luca's father laundering the money through the winery. Next morning he confronted his father, got into a fight and decided that it is best to leave New York. Luca spent some hours trying to figure out where to go and realised that Los Santos is the best place to go. Big city, new people and most importantly - a lot of sunny hours.

As Luca could not sell the winery due to illegal books, the only thing that he could do is take the keys from his Cabrio S2, organize the transport for his Shinobi and take some clothes and head out to Los Santos. With not much money in the pockets, he started doing freelance jobs, meeting new people and living the calm life. At one point, he became a DCC employee.

On one of his rides with another employee, he came across the unused vineyard. He felt like God was smiling upon him. He decided to save up some money and send out the property request to government's Property and Housing bureau and wait to get response. As he was writing the property request, he realised that owning that land and only having a winery is not using that money and land to the fullest. He started thinking on using it as a property for private parties such as weddings, promotion celebrations etc. Serving his wine, offering the accommodation, renting out off-road vehicles and organizing off-road tours. He realised that sky is the limit.

The resolution day finally arrived as the status of the request was "APPROVED". It was the best day in Luca's life. As he is waiting for the government workers to complete the construction he is now talking to various people looking for extra job and trying to figure out a financial and business plan to the last detail as well as to find some partners and friends to do business with.


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The Hope

The nights for Luca have been long as he was starting to become impatient and worried how to make it all work out. A lot of chatter with his coworkers filled Luca's head with information that he had to start writing it all down on his phone. From people interested in working in winery to the ones wanting to do business. The list was too long which was unexpected for Luca and his days were just getting better and better. Plans were starting to come by themselves.

The 22nd of February was just an ordinary day for Luca, staying in the Los Santos Bus Depot waiting for calls. Suddenly, the dispatch puts in the request of Mr. Tyrone Cox. Luca ran the fastest as he could to the taxi to get the call, and he did. He picked up Tyrone in the Sandy MD, Tyrone gave Luca the location and they started driving. It was not long after that Tyrone announced the good news for Luca. The winery was completely legalized property and has got it's own address. The only thing left was to pay the first month's lease and to get the keys.


A lot of work and expenses is waiting up on Luca as he needs to decorate both interior and exterior as well as register and license the business for operating. Excited, Luca rushed off the shift to start gathering the resources needed for the first big event which was yet to be announced. To hype up the people in the city, he decided to put up a repeating ad.


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It is becoming reality

A bit disappointed that Tyrone did not manage to get him the keys, Luca realized he can submit business registration and licensing request as well as civilian licensing request while he is waiting for the keys. As he has bright plans about starting to produce domestic wine, selling it across the San Andreas instead of importing that cheap wine, Luca applied for liquor license. But why waste the property for only wine selling. He decided that he needs something for the government to realize that they should start giving out "liquor producing" licenses. And the plan was set in motion. Luca is about to organize something big and something both under  the radar and something that will hit the headlines of the Weazel News.

"If I want to invite a lot of important people to the opening, I have to bring in the security. A lot of it!" - were Luca's thoughts. Having the honors to know a few rich and long living people in the city, he decided to reach out to Lilymay Bryd, COO of DCC. "Lilymay, I need some professional security for something." It wasn't a second that Lily needed to just spit out: "Diablos MC". A bit more chatter and Luca was pushing those phone buttons on Charlie Rellet's phone number.

*ring* *ring**ring**ring* Few rings, a bit of chatter and the meeting was arranged.
Luca and Charlie met at the Legion square where the rest of the Diablos MC were chilling after a ride. Few minutes later, they were at Diablos HQ. Getting to know some of the members and what they do and how they do it gave Luca confidence to start negotiating a price. Verbal agreement, until all the papework is done, was set with Diablos MC and soon to be registered Andollini's Winery. Soon after, they went to winery to talk about details of Luca's secret project. A lot of help from Charlie's ideas made Luca's plan even better. The group has set the date and parted away in their own ways.

Luca was back in the city, gathering some other ingredients he needed, and not long after - another phone call. This time it was Tyrone Cox.

- "Luca, I've got your keys. Meet me at the winery. Before you do, go and pay the first lease."

A time for flexing has come. Taking advantage as DCC employee, he reached out on radio and requested a stretch at government building where he was headed to pay the first lease. "10-4" was all that Luca needed.

Luca has finally received the keys. He went inside and was shocked how much space there actually is. Interior images just started flying in, but he was too tired to start anything that day. He decided to go back to the city and rest for the next day.

"Tomorrow is a new day. A busy day." were Luca's last thoughts as he fell asleep tired as never before in his life.

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Barriers to doing business
Initially, Luca planned to host an open party for everyone, but according to the security, it was not best idea. Too many entry points, too little guards. Change of plans - we are keeping this a private party - invitation only. "How am I going to invite people as I don't know that many?" Luca wondered.
Reaching out to friends, sending out invites Luca was hyped after he seen how many of them he sent. One day, he seen that the public trial is set for the day. He went and he was happy that he did. After the trial he got to meet couple of lawyers and judge as well as send them out an invite.

But there was one problem - he did not realize that people might not want to pay for it. Few of those invites were given away for free. Even though he seen 15 people signed up for the party, he did not see any bank transfers. His bank account was drained from construction costs and now he is in big problems. Enough money for his bank account to pay the licenses and that's it. The construction was stopped as he put up his Tailgater S for sale.

One day on his duty, he complained about problems to one of his colleagues from DCC. "You should find some partners and investors." - wise words. "I'll be right back" were Luca's words before he headed of shift and did not come back in couple of days.

While looking for partners and investors, there was no much luck. A denied offer from Gordon Graves, in which Luca put high hopes, devastated Luca a bit more. Luckily, Gordon tried to help in another way. Quick call to one of his friends, a good word on his name, and Luca's hopes were back high up. "Give him a call" said Gordon to Luca as he was hanging up the phonecall with potential investor. Luca was about to leave, and before he did that, he asked Gordon for few store owner numbers. Luca tried giving a call, but none of them were in the city, so he texted. He waited a few more days. Still no response. To earn some money, Luca went back to Paleto forest and started chopping some trees.

With his head clear from everyday problems he came up with an idea. I will have to advertise a winery. But what to advertise? The business is not even registered. But, not being registered, did not mean he can not look for potential investors. A few pictures, a few clicks on "make your own logo" and the lifeinvader page was set up.


As he pushed Tyrone to finalize the construction of property, he was about to start pushing other government officials to conclude his business registration as the party date is closing in fast.

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Open for business
It was the longest week ever. To find the staff, DJ and supplier for ingredients, finish up decoration, invite the people and cover all of the expenses, Luca was working as never before.

A lot of people RSVP-d to his email invitation, a few made deposits, luckily, the opening was on DCC payday so he could spend a lot by then. All things considered, he had enough.

A lot of people came in for the interview. A lot of people were very interested as well. Luca was so happy that he has staff, but what he did not know, that not all people are responsible as he hoped they were. A lot of interviews and background checks, few decent candidates and Luca was satisfied with staff number.


Having untrusted chef, he had to make sure that his place does not go south.
-"Joe, I need fire truck at 7pm, March 6th".
"I will see what I can do." And he did!
The time was closing in, Luca's flight was late, but as soon as he landed, he started making calls. First call - DJ Lucas Michael. No response. Panicked, he gave a call to Lily to give him a number of another DJ. Luca was still waiting for response from Lucas, but eventually, Asbo had to fly in.

Some of his staff was also not responding, but in the end, the response was also poor, as he realised that timing was the worst ever. Most of the companies had meetings at the time. "For the next time, it's gonna be better!". But even for private opening, so many people were amazed by the service and the atmosphere that made Luca forget about all the problems. His friends, people from government, PD, DCC, LSC, etc. showed up. One special treat in the end - commissioner Langley himself showed up. A little chat and Lewis promised to help Luca make this place great, as he himself saw the great potential in it.

In the end, Luca was satisfied. Couple of donations, professionalism by Fire Department bringing in the fire truck, Sheriff Department having extra patrols around the area, Diablos security being professional and Jamal, the chef, and Jude, the server in the end showed up as great staff members. Asbo as well nailed it with the music choice.

In the end, Luca's winery ended up on #CobbBlog making place a bit more popular.





Public opening was already advertised for the next week as Luca had to start working his ass of once again.


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