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Adding a bit of detail to the game

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So I never really wrote a suggestion so I hope there isn't a format I have to follow but I was looking at other RP servers and I thought to myself that ECRP needs a few third-party mods. Now I'm not sure if RageMP is flexible enough to do so but i'll put my suggestion up anyway in hopes that it is.

First off, some type of holster mod, now I can see why this idea could get a -1. "Why would everyone be open carrying? Why do we even need this? This makes things too unrealistic." And I can see why people might not like that however I can also see a lot of potential with such a mod. First off it would make the police look even more intimidating when they have a pistol holster on their hip/chest. Plus open carrying might work as a double edged sword for criminals, they wouldn't be able to just carry an AK with them everywhere, just like they wouldn't be able to do so in real life. Rifles would only be carried when needed (such as premeditated attacks or robberies) however if they would have a rifle on their back then it could be a big warning sign to people, it would make the criminals have a larger presence and a more noticeable one at that. For civilians put in certain restrictions such as only one holster (so civilians only carry a single pistol) or that if you wish to have more holsters (to carry more than one pistol) you'll need an additional holster (which you need to buy) with a semi-realistic limit such as 3 or 4 (2 on the sides of the chest and 2 on the hip). Having a holster mod would also allow some sort of planing on what a character might have on him, some characters might prefer to have 2 chest holsters and carry two pistols. It just adds a slight level of pre-planing and detail.

Secondly, I find it a bit weird that a civilian cannot legally buy, lets say a shotgun, and keep it at their house. I understand that it might not prove much worth however I still find it a bit weird non-the-less. Personally I believe that when buying a weapon permit there should be several tiers: A handgun permit, a permit for longer weapons (such as shotguns or rifles) and if holsters are implemented then perhaps an open carry permit. Again I can see how this idea can get a lot of flak however I can see light in this idea too. If firing ranges could be implemented then I can see players going to shoot rifles and what not for sport, add in wild animals and implement hunting, the trade of skins and meat for money. Shooting competitions (Olympic style or more traditional). I just think it'd be a nice level of detail that could be achieved with that.

Thirdly, maybe some mods for cars such as decal mods or additional performance upgrades/visual customisation modifications. As a mechanic in-game and someone who enjoys cars (maybe not on a technical level but I can definitely appreciate them) it gets a bit boring seeing one-tone or two-tone cars with the only thing they can change is a bumper or a side skirt. Perhaps adding a decal mod could improve RP for mechanics a bit more by adding new things for them to do, or to learn how to do. I personally love that aspect of RP. It would make cars look more personal and make them seem like someone actually put a bit of thought behind their cars looks. It could also make things such as vehicle pursuits a bit easier or searching for a vehicle as if a car has a large decal of sorts on the side it makes them 1) more noticeable and 2) if the car is gone, the police have things to look for to make it easier for them.

I know I haven't put much reasoning behind my ideas but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and maybe think of better arguments later and improve on what I wrote here. I fully understand that the admins are working hard on making the server better and I don't want to be seen as rude or not grateful but I also want to see this server get better and better. Thank you to all those who have bothered to read this. Laters!

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