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  1. He had been taken to a secure location after being bound and blindfolded at the back of the pier with members of Salvation trickling in to see their newest target. A Mr. [REDACTED], spotted stealing cars and stabbing anyone who dared get in his way. “I gave him a nice, stern talking to,” Damien told her. “Wonderful,” Jacqueline smiled as she arrived to find Lykos, Trevor, Damien, Magnus, Hayden, and Donnie holding him at gunpoint. She bent down to inspect him, searching for any form of identification, before snapping photos of his face. “It’s my understanding my colleague has already spoken to you, Mr. [REDACTED],” she said quietly as she knelt before the helpless man. “I’ll leave you with his words but know this- if we are required to interfere with your actions again and you remain a menace, our next encounter will not be quite so pleasant.” “Or peaceful,” Lykos said with a set jaw. He was left where they had taken him with strict instructions to count to 140 as Salvation dipped out. It wasn’t entirely surprising when Trevor called out on the radio the very next day. “[REDACTED] shot me. He SHOT me,” he seethed. What happened next could only be described as a man hunt. Hours upon hours of every available member perusing the streets. Their allies and eyes within Los Santos called in his location every few minutes, only to be gone by the time they arrived. The sun had set when Esco called out. “I’ve got him. Behind the pier, where we took him the first time. He’s on his knees.” Everything moved quickly then. Before Jacqueline could even blink, all hands were on deck working to relocate [REDACTED] to a hidden location where they could continue to speak. This isn’t right, Jacqueline thought as the damp, musty air of their surroundings were outweighed only by the sight of an admitted drug addict who couldn’t find help, the men around her nearly cackling with glee. Words and phrases hung thickly in the air and she felt as though she couldn’t breathe through all she was hearing after their hostage admitted his plight- Water boarding, so many toys to play with here, save me a kneecap… “Gretchen, come here,” Chase called, his voice felt like nails on a chalkboard because she couldn’t bring herself to tear her gaze away. “No,” the response was curt. “You won’t like anything I have to say.” “I don’t care. Come here.” By the time she reached the top of the stairs, Jacqueline was shaking in quiet rage and she met his eyes. “What the fuck are you allowing to happen down there, Gojira? Those are YOUR men circling like rabid hyenas. This isn’t okay. He is broken, not evil, and there is a DIFFERENCE.” She turned and left before he even had a chance to respond. And as she called out on the radio she was going off frequency, she couldn’t help but feel as though this was the end of her time in Salvation. After all- she never wanted to hold any of them hostage to her own personal beliefs and opinions. They were free to do as they desired… just as she was free to walk away. “They’re really upset, baby,” Donnie had whispered to her on the phone after she’d stormed out of [REDACTED] and returned home. “I don’t care,” she had nearly spat back into the phone. “That wasn’t fucking justice. That was rabid animals taking pleasure at the idea of hurting someone. Is that what this is? We track down those who we don’t agree with and hurt them just for the sake of inflicting pain? He stole some cars and shot at Trevor. How does THAT deserve what I heard them planning on doing down in that place?” “Chase put a stop to it,” Donnie sighed. She could hear the sounds of the operation continuing on the other end of the line and Jacqueline rested her forehead on the window. “They’re doing it differently now.” “Please tell them to come to our apartment when they’re done,” she hung up without lifting her head, taking deep breaths to calm her racing heart. “I have only one question,” Jacqueline spoke flatly, blue eyes that were swollen with tears drifting to every man sitting before her. “When you think justice, is what started happening tonight what you think of? There is no wrong answer. I ask only for honesty. If it is, that is your right and I have no desire to stop it… nor do I have any desire to participate in it.” The tension was so thick it could have been cut with a knife but finally, Damien spoke. “It was frustrations boiling over. It wasn’t right. We all got caught up in the heat of the moment,” the others were nodding as he finished his sentence and she exhaled a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. “I understand,” her own deflated tone was evident even to her own ears. “We’ve all gotten angry before, we’re all guilty of it. I am not opposed to violence when necessary, I am not opposed to teaching harsh lessons but there has to be a plan in place. If we lose ourselves to the heat of the moment...” Jacqueline trailed off, remembering how Messiah had looked bleeding on the floor that fateful night. It was such a simple thing, creating steps and defining serious crimes and nonserious crimes. Lists and plans and locations and actions to be taken by every member of Salvation regardless of the scenario and by the time all was said and done, they sat around the living room of the apartment hours later looking tired and worn but content. A ladder of escalation, a mark to be given to repeat offenders as a reminder they were being watched, and an agreement between all those gathered that night would never happen again. “Do you remember when the five of us were on the beach a few months ago and I said that moment would all feel like a distant memory?” Damien’s voice was tired and hard edged, the adrenaline from the night sounding eerily similar to her own. She nodded quietly as a shiver ran up her spine, a visceral reaction to how far they had come. “You were right.” It was. Long gone done were the days of less than a handful of Salvation present in the city of Los Santos. Now, they were over two dozen strong and doing more than they could have ever possibly dreamed. Cars were being retrieved, chopped money was being returned when they were too late, and people were coming to them for help every hour of every day. A moment where they nearly lost themselves to the shadows threatening to consume so many in Los Santos was left behind, the members of Salvation stepping forward once more to continue on … this time, with a better plan.
  2. Five days. It was the longest Jacqueline had been out of the city in months, a vacation on the heels of three attempts on her life in as many hours. By the time those who had threatened her were taking their final breaths, all of Salvation and some loyal allies were standing on the side of the road with quickly beating hearts and guns drawn. Only one was arrested- a woman who all of Salvation owed their life to a few times over at this point. She went willingly... she demanded it... but as the sound of sirens disappeared in the distance with their friend in the back, Jacqueline found her gaze drifting over those gathered with a shaky breath. Everyone had a breaking point. It seemed for Jacqueline Drakk, this was it. Five deaths in a single day, all brutal and fights hard won. Her hands were shaking as the world around her turned black and the congratulatory cheers from her brothers and sisters fell on deaf ears as she began to walk. It didn't matter where she was going: all she knew was that she couldn't be here. The next night, she packed a bag and disappeared without a word for nearly a week. Thirty eight text messages. They pinged at her phone incessantly when she arrived back in town and Jacqueline fought the urge to throw her phone into the wall. Where are you? Do you have any product for us? Hey J, [REDACTED] wants to have a meeting. The same thing ad nauseum seemed to litter her inbox and she nearly stopped reading until three messages in particular caught her eye. Three different people, three friends, three requests for help with justice from Salvation. A brow quirked as she tapped out a quick response to the first and fifteen minutes later, the Penumbra was flying through Los Santos to meet an old friend. [NEW ENTRY] Name: [REDACTED] Last Seen: Unknown Vehicles: [REDACTED] BF400 with Unk LP Home: Eclipse Apts, Unk # The first new target was the easiest. After all- she knew him well. They already had a starting point and then some. The second and third, however, were not quite so simple. With her meeting finished, Jacqueline began to send out some messages to the people she trusted the most to keep her secrets. First order of business? Find a name. [NEW ENTRY] Name: [REDACTED], Badge # [REDACTED] Last Seen: Unknown Vehicles: Unknown Home: Unknown It wasn't much but it was enough. More messages were sent to confirm the name before action was taken as Jacqueline opened a third, equally sparse file. [NEW ENTRY] Name: [REDACTED], Badge # Unk Last Seen: Unknown Vehicles: Unknown Home: Unknown Simple notes stored on her phone in a password encrypted file transferred to her computer the next time she was home. It felt agonizingly slow, the pace at which Salvation moved, but as she crawled into bed that night with the memories of all they'd managed to do since they brought down Messiah she reminded herself it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Slow meant careful. Slow meant well thought out. Slow meant they continued to work in the shadows, with no soul suspecting a thing, and the continued success of their goals. If she could manage to keep herself from insanity, it would all be worth it.
  3. This looks amazing, Brody!! I can't wait to see this in action!
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  5. "Who I am doesn't matter." It was the start of a whirlwind conversation that left High Command with more questions than answers; it ended as abruptly as it had began. By the time the two masked men departed, Salvation had strict instructions, demands of secrecy, and a simple phrase that seemed dangerous despite its banal existence. Somewhere laced within all the confusion was the knowledge whomever was watching them, whomever has tasked them to defend something they knew nothing of, they saw something good in the organization the four had bled over to keep alive after Messiah's massacre. It was a dim light, a flicker of something that could just as easily go out, but it was there... and it was enough. It had felt for days now they had grown stagnant. They were questioning why... they were questioning how. Jacqueline wasn't the only one having doubts about her continued existence in Salvation, that much she knew, but there in the shadows of a towering building hope began to blossom in her core once more. Their work had just begun. "I don't care how you feel about any other organization," she spoke to the men surrounding her as the sun rose behind them in a blaze of light. "We all have disagreements, we all have our personal opinions of people and how they carry themselves. When you are with Salvation, you are to behave accordingly. We hear everything- our eyes in the city are everywhere. We are all being watched. Everything you do. Everything you say. Every choice you make reflects upon the organization as a whole and you are to conduct yourself as such. I do not ever want to hear any instance of your being disrespectful, rude, or antagonistic towards another group in public. Say what you must in private to keep your anger from boiling over but the trash talk ended the moment you donned the colors. We are not them. Understood?" Quiet, sincere nods were her response as a light smile tugged at the corners of her mouth before she continued. "We are going to start expecting far more from all of you. Messiah nearly shattered Salvation when he took the lives of one of our own but we are still here. We are still standing and we are still more dedicated than ever to the cause. When you are not working, when you are not training... I want you all to begin pairing up in groups of twos and threes. Patrol the city. The pier, the observatory, wherever you know citizens tend to gather... and I want you to watch. You are to remain in the shadows, you are to keep the spotlight off yourself. You'd be surprised at what people will say in public and knowledge is power. If you hear or see of something we can assist with... then do so. We brought you all in because we saw something in you and until you show us a reason not to, we trust in your judgment. Not all corruption requires weeks of recon and trailing. There are abhorrent acts in the city occurring hourly and it is our job to find them and to put an end to it." That seemed to get their attention as whispers of excitement began to filter through the group, heads bobbing more frantically and eyes shining brightly in the morning light's reflection. Command and High Command knew the task before them was daunting- their numbers had increased at staggering rates. For now, as Chase took over the meeting and Jacqueline stepped back to flicker her gaze over those gathered, she couldn't help but wonder how many of them would pass the tests in the coming weeks. "Do you know the man in red?" [REDACTED]'s voice whispered in her ear as she arrived at the pier to find chaos. Jacqueline shook her head, casting him a look of confusion as [REDACTED] continued. "He stabbed [REDACTED] and I earlier. Those boys in white- they yours?" She nodded at him, looking at some of their newest members across the way in curiosity before gaze flickered back to the man in red. "They helped me out earlier when he attacked me." Jacqueline could feel a smile flirting with the corners of her mouth at his words and she beckoned the men over. They didn't know it but they had unwittingly assisted one of her dearest friends in the city doing exactly what she'd asked them to do in their last meetings. "Cryptix... Crowdie... Goose... Maverick... I want you to meet my friend [REDACTED]. He is one of the people I hold most dear in this city and he is under our protection. If he ever needs help, he knows to come to us. Thank you for stepping in before you were made aware of this," Jacqueline's nose wrinkled in amusement. "Please take off your masks so we can properly introduce one another." After names were given, [REDACTED] nodded. "Jackie is one of the few people in this town I trust with my life. I would take a bullet for her... the offer goes both ways, gentlemen. If there is anything you need of me, do not hesitate to ask." "I'd like you all to meet someone," Jacqueline had given the address of their new temporary HQ to every member in the city, requesting they arrive sooner rather than later and as they all stood atop the roof a woman with vibrant red hair stood at her left. "I have known her for quite some time now and she has been an invaluable seed for months. She has fed us information, she has taken care of our people, and she has expressed interest in helping us more. Her identity must be kept secret... you may call her Cypher," she looked fondly over at her friend. "If you see her out and about, or at her place of work, you are not to acknowledge her by this name or even at all. If you know of her already and have met, then you understand why it is of the utmost importance it never becomes public knowledge she has claimed loyalty to Salvation." She didn't know then that less than 24 hours later, that same woman would lose her job and arrive at their HQ an official member with gifts. All she knew in that moment was Urban's identity was to be buried deeply when she was around them and as her men and women nodded in understanding, Jacqueline's gaze drifted over the city skyline. Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she inhaled sharply. It was just another text looking for another connection within the city. It wasn't the mysterious man nor the mysterious phrase... Jacqueline wondered when that time came, if they would be prepared. She felt Urban's hand on her shoulder, squeezing lightly, and she forced a smile onto her lips before tucking her phone back into her pocket. Her arms wrapped around the woman in a hug as Trevor arrived and began to catch up the troops to all that had transpired that day and she leaned in to whisper in her ear. "I'm really glad you're here."
  6. We're all a little broken, it's how the light gets in. NEW ENTRY Name: [REDACTED] Last seen: At the [REDACTED] by [REDACTED] Vehicle Information: Red [REDACTED] with LP unknown Course of action: Text members on sight, first to receive text calls out exact location on the radio. Member with [REDACTED] shall not under any circumstances call out on the air. ALL members in the city make immediate location- proceed with caution. [REDACTED] is highly unstable and has kidnapped two of our own. May do so again. Status: Irredeemable NEW ENTRY Name: [REDACTED] Last seen: At the [REDACTED] by [REDACTED] Vehicle Information: Silver [REDACTED] with LP [REDACTED] Course of action: Recon stage. Follow if safe to do so. We are aiming to find who [REDACTED] spends his time with, when he is in the city, where he lives. No information is too small. If spotted, call on the radio. NO DIRECT INTERACTION WITH [REDACTED] SHOULD OCCUR AT THIS POINT IN TIME. Status: To be determined ----------------------------------------------- Jacqueline's fingers hovered over the keys of her laptop as she finished typing in the secured file, chewing thoughtfully on her bottom lip. So much had changed since Messiah had shattered the organization into sharp fragments and so much more had been rebuilt. It was still reforming- bits and pieces of what they had once been were being fit into a new picture, a new goal, a new family and the edges were slowly closing together. Soon, they'd have nothing but gaps to fill in and the framework would be complete. She closed the laptop with a quiet click as her legs crossed in the chair and her eyes closed, the sounds of the canal drifting through the open window and washing through her. It felt like it had been weeks since she'd had a moment to herself, with no radio chatter or phone calls demanding her immediate attention. Thoughts drifted to the last few days- of Billy Bluewater and his kidnapping her, of arguments in training as everyone was taught all that Salvation knew, of silly dance parties in the car lot and of monitoring store robberies or picking at farms before they finally settled on one particular meeting in the rain after she'd been set free from Billy's car. "With your permission, Jackie, I'll see to it that myself and Donnie ensure Billy never sees another day. We'll skin him alive for what he's done to you and Charlie." She had been surrounded by family. Men who had dropped everything to rescue her, to chase a sociopath through the streets even as he held a gun to her head and demanded he merely wanted to talk. Jacqueline knew every one of them wanted to tear him apart for what he'd done and she couldn't blame them. Had she known what she knew now, that Billy had lied to her blatantly about what had brought him to this point, perhaps her answer would have been different. "I can't give you that, Chase, but I won't stop you all from doing what you feel needs done. All I ask is you keep in mind before you act that we promised this man a family and took it from him. We abandoned him. Regardless of his actions, imagine what that must feel like- having your family taken away from you when you've never had one before and thought you'd finally found home." Jacqueline could see the boys bristle. She thought for certain her request would be denied until Echo spoke up. "Salvation used to offer a last chance. A judgment, if you will. An interview... only then, once they've showed they cannot be saved, do we act." "How many chances do we give him? He's kidnapped two of us. He kidnapped Jackie." Donnie's voice was hard and cold as he held onto her, as if afraid she'd disappear again the moment he wasn't touching her. Talisman piped up then, his gaze darkened. "If we just go in guns blazing, what sets us apart from any other organization? We're supposed to be different." She could hear the silence that followed even then in her bedroom, deafening in its roar as anger was swallowed and heads began to nod. "We give him one more chance," Chase said curtly. "That's what will set us apart." Mother Nature was as relieved as Jacqueline then, a booming thunderclap in the sky above drowning out her sigh of relief. ----------------------------------------------- She awoke an hour later, still curled in the chair with the sounds of the canal reminding her she was no longer standing in the rain surrounded by family but in her bedroom, safe, with a man who loved her more than he loved himself slumbering peacefully a few feet away. So much had changed since Messiah shattered Salvation into sharp fragments but no matter how much blood had been shed one thing had not. Salvation, what it was and what it was going to be, was a family. It was different.
  7. The thing about chaos is that while it disturbs us, it too forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent. - Christopher Poindexter [The Before] What began as eight was now four as the pieces of what Salvation once was began the painstaking process of being put back together. One lead, no longer their Messiah. Three high command, the two at her side men she'd trust with her life even if they held a glinting blade to her throat. Below them, men and women from the past and the present colliding to become the new dream that was and looking to them for guidance. What came next? Where does one traverse when the path before them is unpaved and the way back home is littered with bloodshed and tears? The answer was beautifully simple yet altogether impossible at once: forward. Salvation moved forward and Jacqueline was more determined than ever to continue placing one foot in front of another. There was no turning back now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. There is a moral gray line one walks when taking justice into their own hands. It is slippery and blurred, ever edging from one extreme to the next until it becomes nearly impossible to find. Salvation was built on family. On justice where it felt like there was none. They trusted their lives to one another and they walked that line daily, working together to veer back towards the light when one of their own seemed to be traveling into the shadows but that fateful night… they were too late. No one ever expects family to be the one holding the gun pointed directly at you and Salvation was no different. No one could have ever expected to hear Charlie call over the radio with her words strangled in sobs. “... killed them. He killed them. They’re all dead…” High Command was at a meeting when the distress call came out. Old wounds with LNF were being repaired and new bridges were tentatively being built. They weren’t expecting to be followed by the organization that owed them nothing as they cut everything short but as wheels began to scream on asphalt and time began to loop itself into infinity, LNF came with them. “Where are you, Ladybird? Take a deep breath. We need you to tell us where you are. Who killed who?” The response was no more coherent than the beacon of help. “.... Messiah.... Dallas is dead… Grizz… killed himself… I’m at HQ.” Pedals were pressed down- no matter how fast they could coax their cars into moving, it didn’t seem fast enough. Their newest members were rushing to the area, High Command was en route with LNF right behind. Charlie’s sobs through the radio accompanied them the entire way as they tried to understand what was happening. By the time backup arrived, the radio was silent and the HQ door was unlocked. “Ladybird? Ladybird are you safe?” Endless quiet was their only response and as people began to filter in a final call was made on the radio. “Get in here. Now.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three bodies littered the floor. A member of command, an old leader, and their Messiah- a man brought down by those he had once called family because of his deeds. As the sun set on what Salvation once was, to those who were shaking with grief and cheeks stained with tears as they looked around at one another and those who had come to aid them, it became painfully clear the past of Salvation was buried. What they were is not what they would continue to be. There is a moral gray line one walks when taking justice into their own hands. For Messiah, the seduction of shadows ended two lives. For those still standing, determined to rise from the ashes of tragedy, that blurry line became more clear. Salvation wasn’t over with the death of their Messiah. It was only just beginning.
  9. The sound of rain bathed the penthouse in a quiet thrum of noise as Jacqueline found herself sitting up in bed staring at her slumbering husband. She should have joined him hours ago- all of Salvation had been putting in countless hours to pull off massive deals and tend to all the chaos Los Santos was wont to bring but it continued to elude her. It likely had something to do with the names she had written countless times on a piece of paper and burned in the fireplace ad nauseum- the names of those who had been found damned. Corrupt. In need of elimination from the city. No matter which word chosen to describe them, their fate had been sealed the moment they were dropped at Salvation's doorstep. Her legs curled out from underneath where they rested and bare feet found the cool, wooden floor. Hands retrieved a well worn journal from the nightstand's drawer and a small key was retrieved from its hidden location before it was flipped open to an empty page and pen was located. Jacqueline hoped that ridding her mind of her tumbling thoughts would lead to the peace necessary to slip off into dreamland. Her pen hovered over the page as she wrote the last sentence and she realized she was smiling. Hope was a powerful thing, perhaps, but determination was even more so. Come morning, there'd be no stopping what was coming next.
  10. "Some wild shit happened after you flew out last night, Jackie." Rider was filling her in on what she'd missed after calling it a night far earlier than normal the day before and as she drove through the city with eyes scanning the roads for any errant bank trucks or city buses out for blood, a brow quirked more highly with every word that spilled from his lips and into the phone. "Wait," she interrupted him mid-sentence, foot slamming on the break and causing whomever was behind her to erupt into a storm of curses. "Did you just say we're now considering being allies with these people? Do you not remember three days ago they robbed Ladybird and left her stranded? Or that they've attacked nearly all of our friends for no fucking reason? Is that what Salvation is doing now, siding with the biggest guns?" Jacqueline was met with several seconds of silence on the other end of the line as her foot once more found the gas and the Jester crawled forward, making its way into the Grove. They'd been trying for days now to arrange a shipment delivery or three and times just weren't meshing. She had thought perhaps flying into the city sooner in the day would result in good news for Salvation but as the familiar sound of thumping bass began to hum its vibrations through her car, all she could hear was the sound of Rider breathing before he found the right words. "I don't know, Jackie, it was just something Chase mentioned last night but everything was a bit chaotic." She felt a frown curve her lips downwards and Jacqueline rolled her eyes. "I don't like it," words weren't minced as the call came closer to its end. "Salvation isn't your typical street gang. If it was, I never would have joined but I'm willing to hear everyone out." It was all that could be said on the matter as goodbyes were said and her fingers gripped her phone tightly in her lap. The Grove was eerily quiet, save for an LSPD officer patrolling by one block over, and Jacqueline slumped into her seat. It looked as though another day was going to pass where their members were primarily unarmed, where the labs went empty and unprofitable, where they risked doing a job they weren't prepared to do all in the name of staying afloat... Hours passed. Members flew in and out. And still, Jacqueline patrolled the areas she knew they frequented in the hopes of finding the one man she needed all while obsessively checking her phone for a return text. If they could just connect, at least then they'd be better prepared. As more members of high command flew in for the day, she made a decision. Names and numbers had been given during a meeting organized by the Yahweh and they'd provided the members of Salvation an open invitation- if they needed assistance, they only need ask. Was it a legitimate one? Or was she seriously overstepping boundaries as her thumb quickly scrolled over her contact list to find the members of the Rooks that had been so generous all those weeks ago? There was only one way to find out as Ladybird provided her the one number she was missing and Jacqueline hit the dial button. Fifteen minutes later, they were heading to meet at the Observatory to discuss what options they had. Salvation didn't require much- not in the grand scheme of things- but it was the first time they'd ordered something through anyone but the Ballas without the Messiah or Yahweh present. To Donnie, Trevor, and Jackie, the reward outweighed the risk. They needed protection and within the hour, the Rooks had come through. A single crate stored safely away for when it would be inevitably needed. The chaos surrounding the phone calls and texts to make such a thing happen had distracted Jacqueline from the very real possibility of having to meet with some of the most hated persons in the city and as the three members of high command left the safe house with Salvation's newest saviour, she was happy to pretend such things never would. If she was lucky, she wouldn't have to just pretend.
  11. Step one, step two, step three. The days had become a blur of predictable meetings and chores but this particular Sunday had brought with it an unexpected turn of events no one in Salvation could have possibly seen coming: the alleged disbanding of an organization they highly respected. It started simply enough. Five members of command met with the Ballas to order another shipment. From there it should have been simple. Secure the deliveries, keep everyone safe, and get the hell out of dodge to begin cooking for a tidy little profit while other branches of Salvation took to their own duties and the groundwork to expand continued. Jacqueline should have known better; nothing thus far has proved to be quite so simple. Unable to place the necessary orders, the five of them took to tending to another piece of the puzzle leading to success: training. A sixth member of the council was "kidnapped" and brought on a roadtrip all while calling out their location to the best of their ability. Those on frequency were given a simple task: find him utilizing the details you have and save him. Follow proper radio protocol. You have 10 minutes or he dies. It was a success- High Command's pseudo hostage was found in time and rescued. Plans were made to do something similar every day until all members of Salvation understood the importance of situational awareness and how to best utilize their one lifeline: the radio. Step four, step five, step six. Alone and without anything to do for the first time in days, Jacqueline and Donnie holed away to begin stockpiling Salvation's biggest source of income. Locked away in a lab with nothing but a mask and some suits to keep them alive, the lines of communication began to explode. One of their own had been robbed at sealabs by the same group they'd heard causing chaos all over the city. Friends in a different organization had been kidnapped by another and said organization was likely going to disband. Information was flowing freely and before they'd even had a chance to really breathe, the Drakks were heading to meet with others to debrief and discuss what happens next. The weight of all that had transpired was heavy. Friends were left roaming and threats of what lay beyond the horizon continued to loom over the members of Salvation. How did they achieve their goal when every hour brought with it a fire in desperate need of extinguishing? The answer came as they ended their day at the beach. They'd achieve it through persistence. They'd achieve it through clinging to that silver thread of hope for a brighter future that had wound its way around all of them and pulled them close to one another. They'd achieve it because to fail meant to give up on the belief Los Santos could be cleansed of its seemingly endless corruption. Failure wasn't an option. Despite everything, as the sun set on the beach by the pier, they knew in their hearts that they'd achieve it. Together.
  12. Some say in order to learn to swim, one must be thrown into the water and face the fear of sinking before their limbs will do what needs to be done and for Jacqueline, her first week as a member of command for Salvation was a testament to the adage. Sink or swim, she thought to herself as she stood before a room filled with members looking utterly confused as to why they sat there upon her request. It wasn’t two hours ago she was buried in supplies to cook a shipment purchased through the Ballas and now she stood surrounded by those she’d come to adore, dressed in colors, with nothing more than a simple command from the Yahweh: bring them together and figure out what to do tonight. If you can’t, I’ll step in. New members had brought with them unique challenges. Changes in structure had brought with them confusion. Unfamiliarity with the city and the criminal life in general left many feeling lost. The other members of the council sat at her side, the figureheads watched her from across the room. It felt dangerously close to a test. After all, she’d barely joined Salvation before being appointed to her position and she knew well there were eyes on her to determine whether or not she was deserving. Sink or swim. Her gaze landed on her husband before she took a deep breath and began. Jacqueline had no idea how long she spoke before the floor was passed to her counterparts but by the time they all finished speaking, plans were in place. The members of Salvation were ready. Whether or not they managed to succeed, in that moment, was irrelevant to her. One does not build an empire in a day and as the family began to trickle out, excited and chattering, she found herself hanging back with wide eyes just to watch them go. The Yahweh had mentioned during their meeting a storm was coming and to be prepared for the chaos about to come. His words had sent a shot of fear down her spine when he’d spoken them but there in headquarters, surrounded by smiling faces and voices she’d recognize from across a crowded room, Jacqueline couldn’t help but smile. If there was a storm coming, it felt for the first time as though Salvation was preparing itself to be the lightning that split across the sky to chase away the darkness.
  13. Jacqueline Drakk When she arrived in the city of Los Santos, Jacqueline Perinneau could have been called many things but one above all was certain: she was determined to find a place she could call home among the citizens in a city that never seemed to sleep. It became evident rather quickly those she had believed were lifelong friends found greener pastures elsewhere to graze, leaving her behind to find her own footing. She could have lived the legal life- continuing on at the Department of Corrections, making acquaintances who seemed to know her name wherever she went, living every day watching the injustices found around every corner helpless to stop it. Perhaps, had she never met the man in the mask, her life would have taken her down a different path but Jacqueline was never one to say no to adventure and his very existence promised her just that. Through him she found everything she didn’t even realize she had been missing: companionship, love, and above all… family. Through him she met a group of men and women who felt all the things she’d never been able to coherently express: the city of Los Santos was broken. The system designed to keep its citizens safe was flawed and red tape was bound around nearly avenue leading to justice. For months she found herself pulled more deeply into a life of danger, the man in the mask protecting her at all costs. For months, she watched the men and women of Salvation circle around her, welcoming her with open arms the day she finally joined and stepping out together as one to succeed where the city’s protectors had failed. There was nothing that could have prepared Jacqueline for the whirlwind of chaos that came days after joining. Leadership changes, structural redesigns, attacks from bitter ex-members, meetings with countless others to both repair and rebuild burned bridges… it seemed Salvation was nearly about to tear itself apart from the inside out before it ever had a chance to truly thrive. Between it all, there was him. There was the promise of a future she never dared dream in the form of a diamond ring and of a family who all wanted the same thing: justice. Together, they voiced their concerns. Together, they repaved the foundation of all that Salvation was and all that Salvation could be. Together, they made the changes they hoped would lead them down the path they all felt destined to walk. The man she’d left it all behind to be with was appointed as a member of High Command with her at his side. Six others were placed on the council to work hand in hand, guiding the members of Salvation back to where they belonged. There was only one thing left to do: seal the promise of a diamond ring with vows and a kiss and Jacqueline didn’t want another day to pass without his name. Together, they’d begun to rebuild Salvation and together, they met at the vineyard as she swore to love the man in the mask until the end of her days in front of them all. By the time night fell, she found herself no longer Jacqueline Perinneau but Mrs. Donnie Drakk. No longer was she determined to find a home within Los Santos- those dreams had long ago been recognized. Now, with a new last name and her new position within the organization, she was determined to help Salvation fulfill its destiny.
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