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  1. +1 I usually just do before I have a conversation with someone about something incriminating I do a rp pat down for any wire taps, radios, or bodycams just to be safe (Cannot lie in /do is a good friend)
  2. can confirm cannot access the paint feature to change my car color =(
  3. this brings back OG vibes for some reason, maybe because of the people involved, but I am super stoked to see where this goes
  4. Gone but NEVER forgotten, goodbye 67 =(
  5. this a bug not a hack, IDK why but if you injure someone inside the car you have to press e to pull them out and then finish them otherwise they will not die from anything but bleeding out.
  6. So I like to just YouTube ECRP when I am chilling and watch montages well I stumbled upon one where the guy used a clip I was involved in to which he died and I tried to chop his car but it said "This car has recently been bought on the market and cannot be chopped". So I could not do anything with it and just had to leave it. Well watching his video it seems like the guy involved knows this is a thing and keeps refunding the credits and rebuying to avoid the chop, or specifically buying a vehicle to go to or start a shootout so the lose is not as high. I just want credit vehicle to always be choppable instead of just a 24hr free reign period where your vehicle can be untouched.
  7. The day started out as usual as any other day for the Los Santos Royals typical labs runs, some car chopping along the way, a little bit of heist planning, and finally some store running to end the day. Once the stores were done everyone met at the usual meeting spot and deposited the varying amounts into the proper bags brought by Drake and went about doing whatever they chose for the remainder of the night. Some went and looked for cars to chop, some went out to do freelance jobs, and the rest just hung out at eclipse and waited for Drake to launder the money to get their cuts. About 10-15 minutes after Drake had left he radioed in that he was getting pulled over and hopping off frequency to which everyone just said “alright sounds good”. Little did Drake and everyone realize though the situation was about to go from 0-100 REAL QUICK. Now inside the Kamacho that Drake had pulled out he had placed 3 separate bags inside the trunk with different cash amounts in each one with 2k stacks, one with 1.7k and higher stacks, and one with anything under 1.7k. Little did Drake realize that the Kamacho he had pulled out belonged to TJ, a fellow LSR member who actually had a reckless operation charge on this particular vehicle, So with quick thinking Drake realized he just had to DRIVE and let everyone know what was happening. Everyone heard over radio from Drake “I had to run TJ has a reckless op on this vehicle” with that everyone and anyone in the city at the time panicked and grabbed a vehicle to somewhat help him get the money out of that Kamacho and into safe hands as those bags held quite a lot of cash packs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DM2M83h6SE Drake came up with a plan to drive the Kamacho to Headquarters and get as many people as possible to grab a bag and DIP in multiple different vehicles to atleast get out with something. So everyone who could grabbed a personal vehicle and headed to HQ to await arrival. Once Drake arrived everyone swarmed the trunk and grabbed a bag if they could and got out asap, but with 6+ PD units and a helicopter no one got very far without getting multiple cruisers and a heli on them. From then it was just a cat and mouse game with different plans such as planting bikes, swapping cars and passengers multiple times to possibly throw them off. Everyone got out and safe except Brandon and John who had the final bag needed event after Brandon ditched his personal vehicle to hop passenger with John it was just not enough for the likes of PD who were back on him in seconds. After a long 30-45 minute chase the PD presence was just too much for them and they eventually ended up stalling and getting arrested. The ending resulted in only getting out with 2 out of 3 bags and taking quite a massive hit to the packed cash. Disheartened and feeling defeated LSR walked away from this disheartened and upset, but there is always brighter futures to be had and with that chase lasting as long as it did it made LSR realize they might need to start doing Getaway planning as this type of event happens quite frequently with PD now realising that LSR is here to stay.
  8. if that happened, what is stopping me from stealing a enemies car and just going back and forth through a speed camera at 200+ getting them like 45+ reckless ops, would just be a massive headache for cops and admins that maybe would have to delete those manually. Starting out I got ALOT of speeding tickets but the camera locations never change so I just avoid or go slow through the exact areas. As for the warrant for driving on a suspended license I drive on a suspended license like 95% of the time never a warrant. Only when I get pulled over for speeding or something dumb and they ask for my license do they realize my license is suspended so idk where your warrant came from
  9. I informed her of the report before she left to go camping on holiday with her family she will not be returning till the 5th. She doesn’t have access to her PC due to her being on vacation so she isn’t able to make a response. Hence why she left the game because it was 12am her time and she needed to wake up early. And she has no footage of the scenario due to her not being informed or asked for her POV within the 30-40 minutes she was in game after the situation, which is pretty unfair to her making a report when you didn’t ask for her POV within the 30 minutes she was still in game for after the situation happened so she wasn’t able to get any footage to show her POV of the situation. She also asked if this report could be saved till she comes back to make a proper response if needed.
  10. By what I know the AK pier thing was the same day (being I believe the same day for me as I am US Central, so like 6 hours behind city time and the event was past midnight in the UK I think) I don't remember exact specifics. But as Marie said she contacted the police about me and the Ak at the pier to which I found out something was up after being harassed by police for the entirety of the day WAY MORE then normal after that specific event. Cause I do not pull out the Ak often, So seeing as Marie was the only one at the Pier who knew my name, my car, and my gang had to be her who told someone about it. Did Marie consent in any way to "act" like a hostage? - I wanna say Yes in a way, but I do not know if she knew I know she snitched, cause without Metagaming I have an event for the future I am tryna work out properly. as for IC lying and manipulation oh yah I lied and manipulated her ICly to get her in a state of maybe trusting me so I can plan the event I had planned. Obviously with this report though I might have to scrap my idea as its just not worth it anymore. Koda, how did you get Marie involved in becoming a hostage? - Texted her and told her to meet me at General Parking But yah all this was caused by my lack of the Hostage rules, I have seen and studied many different bank attempts and went off those situations instead of the actual hostage rules. If I broke a rule obviously I apologize, and accept whatever comes my way, sorry.
  11. I believe the report should be edited to be made for ME (Koda McDonald) my sole job was getting a hostage and I acted alone as I was in my 8F drafter a 2 door vehicle. I already PM'd you on forums describing how I went about acquiring the hostage, Me (Koda McDonald) was in charge of getting the hostage NO ONE else was involved in it, I acted alone all they did was get the tools and prep ready for the escape route and basically the only thing I did was lie to Marie to get her into a secluded place get in my car and drop her off in front for them to hold hostage. I was the ONLY PERSON involved in getting the hostage so if anyone is at fault for ANY punishment it should be me and me alone. The Royals are not your typical gang crew, we are HERE FOR THE RP and we ENFORCE THE HELL OUT OF IT, our goal is to bring the fun RP back for both sides and make it enjoyable we are not here even for the money from the bank. We just want to have fun and make it enjoyable for everyone, we spend days if not weeks coming up with escape routes and drop off points. It really hurts and demotivates me personally to see PD act this way during this particular heist we planned in advance, like I said LSR - Los Santos Royals are here to RP and have fun doing it, we do not go around "Clapping" or forcing fights or even harassing PD or SD and just treating the server as getting W's and making money, we sit around and plan everything we do to the T to make it fun or cool to see, and high command is SUPER STRICT on the /me's and /do's and using anims during scenarios. We are not a typical gang we strive to bring something new every single time we do a bank job or big heist. My goal with some of the plans is to make PD or SD go "You know that was pretty cool actually".
  12. I know some servers already have this implemented, but I was just wondering can we get this command on ECRP as well, I come at this as a criminal standpoint which is not the best, but I would like this to be a thing so like you can just swap between seats in the car while it is stationary (Driver to passenger - Vice Versa if needed). Also to many times with the new update to G and stuff my vehicle being pinned to something is causing me to not be able to get in. Example being, when your the first person to take a car out of eclipse towers it is pinned into the wall and depending on what you are driving it can be a hassle. My Sandking XL makes it very hard to get into sometimes even causing me to clip into the wall. Just something minor I thought could be added or looked into.
  13. Ya, to be honest too much headache and time wasted from all these "New Players" already, and this just adds to it, I feel like obviously if something is lockpicked it should be able to be stolen but these Randoms just jumping in and yoinking it when a cop is mid /me opens door and helps the man inside the back of the cruiser, or something is getting real old and stupid.
  14. All I remember is the dude getting punched ran past and said “Yo Help Me?” Thats the only VOIP that was shared from everyone, everything else was either OOC text or PMs and then when i got ran over all i heard was “Fuck You” and they drove off.
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