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  1. Overthinking never helps man something i do a lot haha Murphy's law man, always expect shit to happen, but you'll be prepared for it
  2. Was doing my last pickup before heading offline for my real job and this fella showed up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbBSGJAEco8
  3. I just got in contact with one of the founders on Discord and they sorted it out for me @HighTV
  4. Should have added in the "Dutch Gold" beer cans and a few lads on horses around the fields haha Thanks bud enjoying myself so far. Cork?? was lost a long time ago in the Dublin and Cork sesh(drinking) war of 1900's heard they only lasted 10 seconds in that since they couldnt down a beer can without getting sick. Poor lightweights @IrishMurphy this lad would know all about being a light weight
  5. https://gyazo.com/60c972186c62b9a1cf1803bcdcc65762 Driving from farm into town and came across this on the way
  6. OSU!(No pro but decent enough), CSGO, Squad and Hell Let Loose at times Getting drunk is another game i like to play
  7. Great to know i'm not the only Irish on this server happy fucking daysss. Thanks
  8. One of the areas i lived in xD You from Ireland as well pal? and Thanks
  9. Names James, 26, From Dublin but living in the midlands at the moment From the best country if you like rain and the cold - Ireland Love drinking and gaming when i get the chance. Been on a 3 year break after some sad events. Got back into gaming from September this year I plan on getting into streaming and making some videos probably. If you ever do come across me and i seem like a knob (cunt, rude etc) don't take offence to it, i'm a pretty sound lad and always take the piss out of any i think can take the abuse Have any questions etc drop me a message
  10. Notice why my quiz wouldn't move on. I some how missed the line that tells me to click it to confirm haha
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