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  1. Character to Transfer From: Samanta Queen. Character to Transfer To: Treyvon Kennedy. Requested Transfer: Schafter v12 (about 200k worth) Reason for Transfer: Ooc reason: I do not play on her anymore and feel as if the car would go to waste. Ic reason: Samanta Queen moved to Los Santos a year and a half ago, she was dating Kieron Reeves for that amount of time and they eventually got engaged, one day they started going into debt which made Kieron go to a life of crime and Sam had to leave the city for an amount of time, after a while their love for each other died down. After her Mother's death she was under deep depression and decided to kill herself giving everything she owns to her only family left in Los Santos, Treyvon Kennedy. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? A friend will help me.
  2. ronsabag45

    ID 103 VDM

    I do not, think the amount of lag you have is quite obvious enough for me to even need footage.
  3. ronsabag45

    ID 103 VDM

    Id 103 here, as seen in the footage you are CLEARLY lagging, i tried to over take you on the left and because of ur lags it desynced and looked to you like i straight out rammed you, i even came back and said it. We did not loot anything out of you as well, the desync is clear as day you play on 20 fps at max and i play on 60. I was driving to the left to cut you off to keep on the road, on my screen u were in the right of the road but u were lagging soo you desynced to the left.
  4. As you can see in the footage the desync is serious and i have no footage i think you aiming at me and me spawning behind you can prove it, i'll wait for the handling admin to decide.
  5. Also i was not run over by him in my screen too as specified i was barely nudged, desync is strong with this one
  6. Id 110 here, i am here to explain my side i saw no gun pointed at me as i reached the bike and i knew from my friend the bike's engine was on soo i got on the bike and fled. It is clearly desync as u can see in the footage the gun was not aimed at me not for at least what i saw. And i wasn't run over the ragdoll anim of the vehicle, the dubsta slightly nudged me therefore i fell which i don't think i need to rp a car nudging my character do i?
  7. Samanta Queen here, in this situation i got out of my bike and instantly ran over without any initiation from me or the cop, just him running me over the second i got out.
  8. Id 12 here, i aimed my gun when you were in front of me, my friend was in an active gun fight when he pulled out his gun.
  9. And these guys were given clear demands, decided to ignore and get in the car. As seen in id's 148's pov.
  10. Id 136 here, my ally was shooting an enemy gang, i assumed demands were given and we can shoot. I do not see anything wrong i have done but support an ally who was participating in a gun fight.
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