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  1. Are u telling me if u come by and see a zeta shooting at someone u wouldn't assume he has reason and aid him?
  2. Assisting an ally that opened fire? How am i to know he had no proper reason to open fire? I assisted an ally against an enemy in a gang war at which point he was already shooting. Me assuming he gave clear demands.
  3. This is not a ban appeal this is a punishment appeal, my bad in the topic
  4. Account name:ronsabag45 Character name(s):Treyvon Kennedy Admin who issued punishment: Chrisy Date of punishment:06/MAY/2019 Punishment received:DM #1 Reason given for punishment:No response to report. Your explanation of what happened:I answered to the report but i responded with the wrong id, 136 but my id was 116, It was late when i responded, i appealled only now because at the time i just did not read the reason for the offense clearly. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because i feel i got punished unjustfully and i believe this offense should be removed or at least judged as per did i commit DM or not because i got the offense nontheless because i "did not reply to the thread" Post any evidence or further details: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/593149973726625953/608533644931497984/unknown.png
  5. As you can see in the footage the desync is serious and i have no footage i think you aiming at me and me spawning behind you can prove it, i'll wait for the handling admin to decide.
  6. Also i was not run over by him in my screen too as specified i was barely nudged, desync is strong with this one
  7. Id 110 here, i am here to explain my side i saw no gun pointed at me as i reached the bike and i knew from my friend the bike's engine was on soo i got on the bike and fled. It is clearly desync as u can see in the footage the gun was not aimed at me not for at least what i saw. And i wasn't run over the ragdoll anim of the vehicle, the dubsta slightly nudged me therefore i fell which i don't think i need to rp a car nudging my character do i?
  8. Samanta Queen here, in this situation i got out of my bike and instantly ran over without any initiation from me or the cop, just him running me over the second i got out.
  9. Id 12 here, i aimed my gun when you were in front of me, my friend was in an active gun fight when he pulled out his gun.
  10. And these guys were given clear demands, decided to ignore and get in the car. As seen in id's 148's pov.
  11. Id 136 here, my ally was shooting an enemy gang, i assumed demands were given and we can shoot. I do not see anything wrong i have done but support an ally who was participating in a gun fight.
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